Duke Lacrosse Accuser Arrested Again

It seems that life is proving a bit baffling for Crystal Mangum, the black woman who accused three Duke University students of raping her at a party back in 2006. Mangum’s rape accusation became a cause célèbre feasted upon by a biased media eager to play the race card for all it was worth.  I mean after all, it isn’t every day that the talking heads get to actually find a poor innocent black woman just trying to earn her keep as a stripper-for-hire getting used and abused by three evil college jocks waving their white privileged whoo-has all over the place.

That whole sordid mess in Durham which resulted in the lives of three young men getting ripped apart by a low life bar fly who simply saw a way to make headlines and some big bucks, was finally exposed for the conniving carnival that it indeed was.  The three lacrosse players were exonerated and the crudball District Attorney for Durham County who deliberately mishandled the case was disbarred.  The Reverend Jesse Jackson, who served as master of ceremonies for this disgusting three-ring circus, shipped his carpet-bagging butt back to Chicago while Ms. Mangum went her merry way still claiming she’d been wronged.

Well, Ms. Mangum has been a busy girl since her romp through the media wonderland back in 2006.  On Sunday, she was arrested and charged with the stabbing of her boyfriend who is currently hospitalized and in serious condition.  And this isn’t her only big brush with the law.  Mangum was also arrested back in 2010 on the charge of attempted murder along with the additional naughtiness of arson, identity theft, resisting arrest, and endangering the welfare of her children.  In that particular criminal escapade, Ms. Mangum’s wrath was also focused on the body of a benighted boyfriend.  Gee, does anyone see a pattern of domestic violence here?

I feel sorry for the men who cross paths with this dangerous manipulative woman.  But it is nice to know that the poster girl, who so many portrayed as the victim of white oppression, is actually leaving a very different face for posterity to ponder: the mug shot of comeuppance.

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