Asians and Blacks Abandoning Blue States

What does it mean when middle class African Americans decide to say bye-bye to the big city metropolitan areas of the North East and Mid-West and head to warmer and sunnier climes down South?  Well, I think it says that Blacks, like many other Americans fed up with high taxes, high crime, and poor essential services, are looking for better places to call home that will give them not only a bigger economic bang for their bucks but also safer surroundings in which to spend their hard-earned cash.

According to the 2010 census, African Americans are leaving New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois and setting their sights on cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and Charlotte NC in hopes of finding friendlier environs in which to live their lives and raise their kids.  And they’re giving the heave-ho to the hustle and bustle of many northern metro areas like Chicago and NYC.

And for those Blacks remaining in the North, the lure of the urban ghetto, no matter how upscale, no longer holds sway.  Instead, Africa Americans are selecting suburban sprawl as their prefered place of residence.

The notion of the North and its cities as the promised land has been a powerful part of African-American life, culture and history, and now it all seems to be passing by.  The black urban experience has essentially lost its appeal with blacks in America.   American Interest

Asian Americans are also taking flight from the high-taxing nanny states to seek a better life elsewhere.  Asian families are singing California Here I Go! as they hike across the California border into the welcoming arms of the state of Nevada.  Nevada has no state income tax and offers a pro-entrepreneurial business climate.  California, on the other hand, slaps a 9.3% income tax on anyone earning $40,000 or more and smacks you with sales taxes ranging from 8.25% to 10.75%, the highest in the nation.  And you can forget trying to start a business in the Golden State—you’ll be baffled and bankrupted by all the paperwork and filing fees before you even get your enterprise off the ground.

As Thomas Sowell stated in his article on Tuesday at Real Clear Politics, folks are indeed voting with their feet.  No matter what their race or ethnicity, people are taking their talents to places that offer greater economic opportunity and a better quality of life.  Places where workers get to pocket more of their own earnings.  Places where business entrepreneurs get to be treated as community assets as opposed to political scapegoats.

As Blue States trudge not so merrily along lugging their big government payrolls and bureaucratic baggage behind them, many of their citizenry have decided it’s now time to cut and run.

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