Governor Walker’s Emails: The 62% Solution

Well, well, well.  Now that Governor Walker’s office has released the barrage of emails he received during the public employee jamboree held in the streets of the Mardi Gras capital of Wisconsin, it seems the ayes have it when it comes to busting taxpayer-funded public unions.

The Associated Press (AP) along with Isthmus, a weekly Madison newspaper, filed suit to have the Governor’s emails released.   One would assume the AP expected to discover Walker’s claim of receiving overwhelming support for his union stance to be proved patently false.

But what a slap in the face for progressive propaganda when the 50,000 emails were finally tabulated.  The Left-leaning AP and its local liberal confederate were shocked to discover that 62% of the emails were in support of the Governor’s actions.  Oh, the horror!  How to reclaim the popularity high ground?  How can the Associated Politburo assuage such an anti-union outrage?

Well, since the geniuses at the AP were unable to devise a clever way to manipulate Walker’s email mandate, they quietly shunted the story to the back pages of the news netherworld in hopes of it being missed by the unmanageable masses.

Since they didn’t get to clobber the Governor with their Gotcha! agenda, these progressive apparatchiks have decided to conceal the whole email caper.  Have they no scruples?  Have they no shame?  Have they no journalistic integrity?  In a word or three: no, no, and again, no.

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