Juan Williams: Defund NPR

Although nothing much in the way of federal defunding will be happening to NPR any time soon, despite the good intentions of the House Republicans, it’s still so nice to know that all things considered, the public broadcasting aristocracy is getting its proverbial clock cleaned.  And it’s also quite a great feeling to imagine that Juan Williams, the ex-NPR journalist who dared to wander from the progressive path of Third World idolatry, is secretly smiling with well-deserved glee now that NPR’s political racket is the talk of the nation.  Schadenfreude never felt so good.

In an opinion piece today in The Hill, Juan Williams calls for the defunding of NPR, stating:

Even after they fired me, called me a bigot, and publicly advised me to only share my thoughts with a psychiatrist, I did not call for the defunding of NPR.  But last week my line of defense for NPR ran into harsh political realities.  Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY), Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent out a fundraising letter…he is openly asking liberal Democrats to give money to liberal Democrats in Congress so they can funnel federal dollars into news radio programs designed to counter and defeat conservative Republican voices.  The Hill

What a breath of fresh air to have all that liberal hipster haughtiness exposed for the world to see, especially when one of their own journalists is helping to peel away the phony piety of public radio.

Which brings me to a joke I heard the other day…If Lefties completely ruled our world just how many progressive journalists would it take to keep the political wool pulled over the eyes of the American electorate?  Wait, wait, don’t tell me.  None–with progressives in total control, there wouldn’t be an electorate.

How very much on point.

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