Hanoi Jane Gets Shot Down

The New Hampshire Women’s Leadership Institute was forced to disinvite the infamous Jane Fonda who was scheduled to be the keynote speaker for their annual women’s summit in June.  After a public uproar in New Hampshire over the appearance of this Hollywood hypocrite, the Executive Director of the Institute, Annabel Beerel, bowed to all the political pressure and retracted the invitation.

The controversy over Ms. Fonda as the top choice for the keynote spot was fueled by veterans’ groups who threatened to picket the conference if the Hanoi Hussy showed up.  After realizing that many New Hampshire citizens had not forgotten nor forgiven Fonda’s despicable behavior during the Vietnam War, Ms. Beerel had a change of heart.

In recent days, we have heard voices in our community expressing moving objections to the selection of our main keynote speaker.  While the summit encourages public discourse and diverse opinions, we do not wish to cause pain to our veterans. In addition to the many outstanding presenters and panels scheduled, we are working on engaging a new keynote speaker for the conference.   Union Leader

It’s reassuring that we still have some patriotic folks up there in New England who are willing to speak up and take a stand.  Yes, it’s only a small women’s conference in the very small state of New Hampshire but the political and psychological wounds of the Vietnam era run damn deep and Fonda’s traitorous follies can not be erased by time.  And I have to say, of all the accomplished women out and about in America today, why would this women’s leadership institute choose such a spoiled, self-aggrandizing strumpet like Jane Fonda?

One of the commenters to this article in the New Hampshire Union Leader summed up this Fonda episode quite succinctly:

She is a nobody now, just some has-been, barely talented actress from a privileged background.  What she did in the 1960’s was a great big publicity stunt.  If the kids in the 60’s were pro-Vietnam war and the establishment espoused peace she would have been marching for war.

If this is the best thing that the women’s movement can produce for a keynote speaker, then maybe there’s hope after all that feminism is washed up.  As for having anything relevant at all to say to today’s women, I’d rather listen to my trash hauler than Fonda and the feminists.  He at least talks sense.

Right On, Sister!

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2 Responses to Hanoi Jane Gets Shot Down

  1. Excellent news! Very proud of those New Hampshire veterans who are still standing up for what’s right. I love the comment you posted!

    I suspect that what Ms. Fonda and others of similar mind-set never have and never will understand is that she was able to go and do that stupid thing BECAUSE she was a privileged, rich, AMERICAN citizen. She had the financial means to fly over, and the security of knowing that she would not be put in prison or executed by her government for supporting the enemy as she did. She had the freedom to pull whatever stupid stunt she wanted to, and we the American people, her fellow citizens, have the freedom to reject her in every way. I do not wish her harm, but I do hope that she feels regret and realizes the price she pays for the rest of her life for using her God-given freedom unwisely and in a harmful way.

    Thanks for this post. Linking.

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