Israeli Family Butchered by Palestinians

In the West Bank settlement of Itamar, five members of the Fogel family were stabbed to death on Friday while they slept in their beds.  Udi Fogel, 36, his wife Ruth, 35, and their sons, Yoave, 11 years old and Elad, 4 years old, and their infant daughter, Hadas, 3 months old were stabbed repeatedly.  The baby’s throat was also slashed.  Three other children escaped the attack.  The funeral for the family was held in Jerusalem on Sunday.

This link leads to a very graphic video that depicts the carnage.  The video was posted on Facebook and YouTube but was taken down by these organizations within 2 hours of their posting.

I guess I would like to believe that these horrible murders were isolated acts perpetrated by demented creatures and that these crimes don’t really reflect the mindset of the Palestinian people as a whole.  But there are reports of singing and dancing in the streets in some Palestinian neighborhoods to celebrate what is perceived by many of them as a courageous act of resistance.

And back here on the American home front, you can find numerous postings on various websites offering up such cold, curt, and dismissive statements as It’s their own fault; They shouldn’t have been living there to begin with; They brought this on themselves.  In other words, this barbarous act must be qualified by the political trappings we neatly drape over the bodies of the dead.  The value of those human lives, even those of the children, are measured by the opposing progressive paradigms of victim and oppressor.  And we all know which category an Israeli family falls into.

Of course, what is important here for the liberal establishment is making sure that the victim people don’t get any bad press.  Too much poor publicity makes it tough to massage the immature and naive image of the Middle East conflict in which progressives have invested so much.

Well, I’m not sure how anyone can look at that video and not be shocked into realizing how much of a massive millennial divide separates Israeli and Palestinian culture.  And no amount of boycotting a thriving and well-functioning Israel is going to change that.

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1 Response to Israeli Family Butchered by Palestinians

  1. Lee Carlisle says:

    All I have to say is that I’m worried about cells in America too. If these freaks are willing to do this to an entire family, I would say their cause no longer has meaning. All that has meaning is making sure psychos like these can’t do it to people any more. The seed of democracy has roots that run deep.

    If your God tells you to murder people, this is NOT a God. Everyone keeps forgetting, at the heart of every American sleeps a lion. We are not stupid, just patient. What I wonder, is it true that the rebels in Libya are actually associated to AL Qaeda? It’s hard to know sometimes. All I know, is that when the god region of their brains are activated, SOME religious people are certifiably insane. I see no problem with reprogramming their brains.

    FOX NEWS has shareholders who are affiliated to terrorist groups. 5%. One thing I think the FBI should be aware of is the TERROR CELLS think their targets are stupid. I do not profess to hate all Muslims. I don’t even know every single one of them, for me to say I do, would be absurd. 🙂 If you approach a recruiter as if you are just some stupid schmuck who is lost about God, an invitation will extended. If you express admiration in their culture and art work; music, art, their beautiful buildings then you will be more likely to be seen as a possible convert.

    I SAY WE, CITIZENS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! STOP THE INSANITY! Work within the structure of our Constitution, and all will go well. If their numbers increase, our technology to stop them will increase. Robots that can track better than blood-hounds; nano-based brain reprogramming.

    Here’s a challenge to all you creative types… See if you can make a satellite that
    will detect when someone is getting ready to do something stupid like; oh I dunno,
    murder in the name of a god, then a laser can be used to stop them. If there would be a way to catch their souls, I say we do that too. That way we can transfer their dark souls to orbiting soul-containers to be sent to a region of space where it will never be recycled into the functioning of life in the universe again.



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