Gays Continue Vendetta Against Boy Scouts

Gay groups continue their vicious ground-them-into-the-dust vendetta against the Philadelphia chapter of the Boy Scouts of America.  Despite goodwill negotiations between Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia and the Cradle of Liberty chapter of the Boy Scouts that has resulted in a mutual agreement ending the contentious battle over the Scouts’ use of city property, gay groups continue to push all the political ploys in order to punish this non-profit organization.

Let’s start at the beginning.  Just what caused all the hub-bub between the city fathers and an organization that has contributed so much to the Philadelphia community?   Well, the Boy Scouts of America, an organization that does not allow openly gay members, has been renting a building from the city for the past 80 plus years.  And within the City of Brotherly Love, gays and lesbians are covered by anti-discrimination codes.  And therein lies the rub.

The Cradle of Liberty chapter of the Boy Scouts has been renting a city-owned property in the Fairmount Park section since 1929.  The building was built, paid for, and maintained by the Boy Scouts at the city’s request on city-owned land.  In return, the Scouts were granted a lease in perpetuity  at the nominal yearly rent of $1.  This nominal rent is also granted to other non-profits occupying city-owned space.  The building is a Beau Arts historical landmark laden with scouting symbols.

When Gay, Inc. figured out the Scouts were using city property, they demanded that the mayor evict them from the building.  The LGBT honchos in Philly strong-armed then mayor John Street into initiating the eviction process.  But the Scouts fought back.  The controversy ended up in federal court where the Boy Scouts won the right to remain  in their Philadelphia headquarters with or without gays in their organization.

With the Boy Scouts winning their case in the courtroom, the city is now liable for the Scouts’ legal fees estimated at $1 million.  The Boy Scouts have been above-board through this entire soap opera and they have shown an understanding empathy for the position in which the city finds itself.  Even after winning the lawsuit, the Scouts were willing to negotiate some kind of settlement to help the city wriggle off that gay hook.  They have offered to buy the property for $500,000 in cash and a release of the city’s obligation for the $1 million in legal fees.

So you would think that now everyone would be happy, including the gay community.  But, oh no!  Some gay vigilantes want the Scouts out of that building and out of the city, period.  And they’ve found themselves a ‘philanthropist’ who is putting forward a counter bid on the property in order to push the Scouts out.

The usual motley crew of self-appointed lesbian and gay leaders have met with the mayor urging him not to sell the property to the Scouts but to consider the alternative offer instead.  The mayor, however, has declared that he will not be backing away from his agreement with the Cradle of Liberty chapter.  Let’s hear it for the mayor!

The Scouts don’t have to buy that bloody building.  They could continue to occupy that space as a renter and thumb their noses at the City of Philadelphia and the gay community in perpetuity.  The only recourse the city would have is to appeal the court decision.  But legal experts have declared that the city’s chances of winning on appeal are slim to none.  And selling the property to another buyer will not nullify the Boy Scout’s lease but will bring another round of lawsuits and a bad faith charge against the city.

The leaders of the Boys Scouts are to be commended for their steadfast adherence to the noble principles outlined in their scouting code of conduct.  Throughout this whole ugly affair, they have shown themselves to be good and true role models for the boys they mentor.

Now, just what code of conduct have those howling banshees within the gay community been exhibiting?  Those victim zealots with their radical chic self-righteous lynch mob mentality?  Even with the issue at the core of this dilemma resolved, they continue the hounding harassment of the Boy Scouts.

Our glorious gay leaders may wish to take a little bit of time to reflect on their motives in this matter and perhaps to recall that insightful bit of wisdom from the world of Pogo: We have met the enemy and he is us.

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