NPR Execs Caught on Video Trashing Christians, Conservatives, and the American Majority

James O’Keefe, the independent undercover entrepreneur who gained fame with his ACORN sting operation, has now caught National Public Radio (NPR) with their very progressive pants down.

O’Keefe’s latest video sting operation catches Ron Schiller, NPR’s Senior Vice President for Fundraising and Betsy Lily, NPR’s Director of Institutional Giving pandering to two supposed Muslim Brotherhood front representatives who are looking to make a $5 million donation to NPR.  Note how Schiller takes the lead in pandering to the Islamic point of view while Lily sits back and giggles in agreement.

Did you catch Betsy Lily laughing over the National Palestinian Radio comment?  And when she exclaimed, “I like that”, it basically summed up just how deluded these multicultural puppets really are.  NPR’s pretense of being politically neutral is a laughable sham.

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