Harvard Professors Cosy Up to Colonel Gaddafi

Ivy League academic life is so so stressful.  Indoctrinating the best and the brightest, researching all those concocted conundrums, deconstructing Western Civilization, and all that struggling to fabricate nefarious ways to buck up the old paycheck.  But never fear, dear academic comrades, our glorious globe is just teeming with Third World garbage baggers sporting heaps of bloodstained booty and oozing with the fetid stink of all that oily multicultural charm.  Advance to Go! as those money mad reactionary gamesters are wont to say.

And march to the money they have, grabbing as much Third World wherewithal as they could stuff into their progressive pockets.  It appears that at least two high-profile members of Harvard’s faculty have been getting nicely compensated for assisting the outlaw leader of Libya with his economic homework and doing their best to massage the Muammar image.

The Monitor Group, an international business consulting firm founded by Harvard faculty members back in 1983, has been very busy helping poor Muammar to clean up his public act and modernize his country’s backward economy.  And both academics have been paid handsomely for their marketing razzle dazzle.

The two Harvard elites who have gotten down and dirty with Gaddafi are Michael Porter, a founding member of the Monitor Group and leader of Harvard’s Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness and Joseph S. Nye, Jr, the former Dean of the Harvard Kennedy School and currently a Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor.  Both of these paragons of business professionalism provided consultative services to Gaddafi and to Gaddafi’s son, the heir apparent to the family thug legacy.

Porter and Nye have openly soft-soaped the Gaddafi regime, whitewashing his reign of terror.  In an interview with Business Week in 2007, Porter proclaimed: Gaddafi’s rule is not a dictatorship because decision-making is widely distributed in the country. Porter also talked up the autocratic regime in 2006 in a report entitled Libya at the Dawn of a New Era stating: Libya has the only functioning example of direct democracy on a national level. Wow!  Gaddafi must have paid well for that outrageous bit of BS.

Professor Nye has also not been shy about touting this mass murderer’s endearing traits.  In an article in the New Republic in 2007, Nye declared that “Gaddafi seems to have become interested in soft power–the art of projecting influence through attraction rather than coercion”.  Nye was also cozy with Gaddafi’s son, serving as an advisor for junior’s doctoral thesis at the London School of Economics.

Ivy League academics do indeed breathe a very rarefied air, an exulted atmosphere that us troglodytes of the lower orders could not even begin to inhale.  But if there’s any fallout coming from the Gaddafi affair, these two mountain top professorial prophets may find themselves sniffing the funky down home vapors of the truly authentic aroma of American democracy in action.  Heck, there’s nothing like a little snort of the hard stuff to grab the scholarly attention of our blue blood betters.  So let’s hope these guys end up regretting every dime they’ve ever taken from that Third World piece of garbage.

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1 Response to Harvard Professors Cosy Up to Colonel Gaddafi

  1. nilewatch says:

    The Monitor Group doing public relations for Gaddafi shows the Harvard Brahmin caste to be nothing but sycophants. Mitt Romney’s eldest son works for Monitor Group and there may be ties to John Kerry as well.

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