Where The Boys Are: Certainly Not In College

It seems there are elevated levels of estrogen on our college campuses today, a hormonal imbalance that is impacting the scholastic rite of passage for those born of the male gender.  At many American universities, women students significantly outnumber men and the ra-ra-sis-boom-ba experience has become a female-dominated environment.  And even when male students apply for higher education, they don’t stay the college course.

In the last 10 years, 2 million more women than men graduated from college in the United States. That’s an achievement gap that is having profound consequences on the economy.

Experts used to explain away the college gender imbalance by noting that men had plenty of high-paying job opportunities in manufacturing and construction, but then came the last recession.   MSNBC

Men seem to be staying away from American universities in droves, and despite shocking unemployment figures showing that 78% of the jobs lost in our economy since 2007 have been jobs held by men, the boys are not turning to higher education as a way to retool for the future.

Of course, all the experts are abuzz with gimmicks to gear the guys toward the academic 4-year degree, beginning with early intervention at the elementary school level with all kinds of gender-oriented programs to buck up the boys.

But even though the economists continue to declare that job seekers can’t go anywhere in this world today without a college degree, many men prefer to opt out of the high debt college crunch.  So perhaps the chaps know something that us girls fail to get.

In today’s tight money market, why spend years being force-fed bogus liberal arts courses that have nothing to do with preparing for a genuine career, especially when so many of those courses are rife with the usual asinine rehash of Left-wing baloney?  Why take on student loans to live your life in hock for a bachelors’ degree that will probably only get you an entry-level position pushing papers in an office for $10 to $12 an hour?  And in the academic haven of female affirmative action, why would men pay for the privilege of being treated as second fiddle fellows?

Maybe men have been quicker to catch on to the rip-roaring racket that has become Big Ed.  Maybe men have figured out the true cost of that college diploma and have simply decided it’s not worth the time, effort, or expense.  And maybe men are right on target.

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2 Responses to Where The Boys Are: Certainly Not In College

  1. andy says:

    Yeah Iwent to college for 5 years.I got a Computer Science degree. It was good the first 2 years, then from then on it went downhill. It was basically a total waste of time, and money.

    Education System is getting worse and worse. People are forced to get a stupid degree(I Got mine btw) by the government in order to get a job.

    Rather than having to spend money and time doing useless stuff in college. Why don’t we just attend 2 years in college, and then we study on our own. Done. The useless ones remain useless regardless. The ones who are serious about learning, will actually have a chance to turn around their fate.

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