Porn 101: A Liberal Arts Education at Northwestern

Red Light District

The study of human sexuality took a bizarre voyeuristic twist on the campus of Northwestern University when a tenured professor there offered a live sex demonstration in his classroom as extra-curricular activity.

Professor J. Michael Bailey presented live sex instructions to approximately 100 of his psychology students on the titillating topic of electronic dildos.  This academic treatise on the mechanical art of sexual stimulation was pushed to the head of the class as a method of unfathoming the scientific mystery of the female orgasm, a conundrum that obsessed 20th century inquiring minds and apparently is still a focal point for academic psycho babble.

The sex demonstration included a heterosexual couple who performed for the students using a ‘modified machine saw’ as the dildo stand in.  The instruction also included a ‘lecture’ by a sex industry huckster lowlife named Ken Melvoin-Berg who opined on the unconventional thrills of bondage and other fetish-driven activities.

When word of this live foray into the forensics of sexual silliness hit the public domain, Northwestern University initially defended the porno professor.

The university supports the efforts of its faculty to further the advancement of knowledge.  Northwestern University faculty members engage in teaching and research on a wide variety of topics, some of them controversial.   Wall Street Journal

However, after a very loud outcry from parents and alumni, the university shifted political gears and is now conducting an investigation.  And I’m pretty sure that this investigation will go the same way as their previous peep into the nefarious activities of Herr Professor Bailey.

In 2004, Bailey was accused of having sex with at least one of his transsexual research subjects.  Bailey was also accused of featuring the stories of several transsexual subjects in his book, The Man Who Would be Queen, without their permission.  His research methods also came under fire.  But obviously, the university didn’t find anything to condemn in their vaulted view back in 2004.  And considering they initially didn’t find anything amiss with Bailey’s live porno preview in the classroom, we can anticipate the usual administrative j**k-off behavior this time around as well.

At a time when our colleges and universities are struggling to compete globally in the fields of science, engineering and economics, Northwestern University employs a psychology professor who is pouring time and resources into entertaining students with the manufactured joys of a Monty Python machine saw sex sketch.

After 50 plus years of liberal culture gorging itself on every conceivable sexual sideshow, wallowing in every convoluted self-indulgent narcissistic sex fest that it could invent and reinvent, and aggressively saturating our society with a know-no-limits erotic irrationality, the progressive paeans to such corrupt and vacuous scientific kitsch continue unabated.

If you want to take a gander at the ‘modified machine saw’ and the crud ball who was paid to stand at the head of the class to enlighten Professor Bailey’s students, here’s the link.  For this they get college credits.

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