ROTC Returns to Harvard!

After over 40 years in exile, ROTC returns to Harvard!  Harvard President, Drew Gilpin Faust announced that Harvard is poised to sign an agreement today that will bring back the Navy ROTC program to their Ivy League campus.

The agreement with the US Navy includes funding by the university and the appointment of a Director for the program.  Office space and access to athletic fields and classrooms will also be forthcoming.  There are currently 20 Harvard students participating in ROTC through the program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, including 10 in the Navy’s program.

Harvard becomes the first Ivy League university to rescind the ROTC ban.  Harvard President, Drew Gilpin Faust eloquently reaffirmed the importance of the renewed relationship to the college.

It broadens the pathways for students to participate in an honorable and admirable calling and in doing so advances our commitment to both learning and service.   The Blaze

But it was Anne Neal, President of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni who succinctly summarized the Ivy League disconnect.  The Council has been a strong supporter of the return of ROTC to the Ivy League land of Left-wing inanities.

It’s time for our campuses to put the anti-military sentiment of the 60s behind them and properly support students who wish to serve our country and to defend our liberties.  For too long, there has been a chasm between the nation’s elite schools and those who defend them.   The Blaze


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