WikiLeaker Cry Fest Continues

Additional charges have been brought against Bradley Manning, the Army Intelligence Analyst accused of giving thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, that so-called non-profit media organization whose creepy Editor-in-Chief, Julian Assange, is facing a few slime ball accusations of his own.

Manning, who is gay, had initially been charged with a dozen offenses but is now on the hot seat for an extensive array of treasonable crimes.  So when the slow but sure wheels of military justice finally get around to court-martialing this guy, he will be spending many years in prison feeling very sorry for his sad little self.

But don’t think Mr. Manning is leaving the limelight of notoriety without the weeping of many big crocodile tears and the gnashing of all those flashy false teeth.  The Left-wing campaign to make some sort of martyr out of this spoiled man-child continues to limp along with the aid of periodic bulletins from the Bastille provided by Manning’s gay chum, David House.

Manning is being held at the Marine brig in Quantico Virginia where he is awaiting court-martial.   Manning’s cheerleading chum has been making regular visits to Quantico to buck up his beleaguered buddy and of course, Mr. House is also making house calls at MSNBC and CNN to let the Left-wing legions know just how poorly their poster boy for progressive hero-worship is fairing.

The last Boohoo Bradley bulletin was in early February when House described Manning as deteriorating physically, claiming he hadn’t exercised in the eight months of his confinement.  House stated that Manning’s mental state was at times “simply catatonic”.  But in the same report, House also had this to say about Master Manning’s observations on the world at large when these two shining lights of liberalism discussed the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia:

He views the power of social media as a force that may replace one day very soon the typical talking heads we have on TV. And he views the power of social media as a force that has the power to unite people and can allow them to rapidly organize and outsmart tyrannical regimes.   CNN

Gee, from catatonic state to trite commentary on global affairs and all during the same visit!  Wow!

Spare us the pathetic pathos, Mr. House.  The majority of Americans believe Mr. Manning’s butt is right where it should be.  Such is the price for treasonous behavior.

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