ROTC Update: Columbia and Stanford

A brief update on the Ivy League lather over ROTC…

The Stanford Conservative Society has launched a petition in support of the return of ROTC to Stanford University.  The petition was launched on February 22nd and as of February 28th, the pro-ROTC sign-on had collected 812 signatures.

The conservative students at Stanford developed the pro-ROTC petition in response to an opposition petition being pushed by the Stanford Students for Queer Liberation.  The Queer Liberation group continues to oppose the ROTC program due to the military’s stance on the transgender issue.  The transgender contrivance is now the latest red herring being used by the collegiate sanctum sanctorum to keep ROTC off campus.

At this point in time, the pro-ROTC effort is winning the war of the signatories.  Both petitions will be presented to Stanford’s Faculty Senate which has been commissioned to explore the return of ROTC to campus.  Its recommendation is expected in May.

Back on the East Coast at Columbia University, where the high-hatting hypocrisy has been more outspoken, many student groups have decided to stay clear of the ROTC controversy altogether.  Some are using the transgender gambit and others simply can’t find common ground on the issue.  The Columbia Queer Alliance has been unable to come to a consensus over the ROTC dispute, so it has decided to sit on the sidelines instead.  Hmmm, I guess all that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell hollering and hoopla didn’t really have anything to do with actually supporting the young men and women, gay or otherwise, who seek to serve in our nation’s military.

The inclusivity cock-and-bull tactic is still being used as the progressive pretense to keep ROTC off college campuses.  And although these silly prats may dominate the dialogue with their anti-American huff and puff, there are more than a few fluting voices of non-compliance to be heard over the roar of Big Ivy’s reactionary socialism.  Change is coming.

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