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Deer Culling at Valley Forge and the Silly Sobs of Sympathy

Sharpshooters have killed 600 white-tail deer since November as part of a 4-year culling program at the Valley Forge National Historical Park located in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. Taking steps to address the deer overpopulation problem that has plagued the park for years now, the National Park Service has had to face down stiff opposition to the culling program from animal rights groups. Continue reading

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Obama’s Ratings Go Down, Down, Down

Apparently, the American public is much less interested in hearing all those phony pronouncements about US foreign policy and the Libya Liberation Front than Mr. O’s handlers had realized. The Progressive-in-Chief managed to garner a total of 25.6 million viewers the other night as he nattered on about our wandering mission in the lost land of Libya. Continue reading

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Asians and Blacks Abandoning Blue States

What does it mean when middle class African Americans decide to say bye-bye to the big city metropolitan areas of the North East and Mid-West and head to warmer and sunnier climes down South? Well, I think it says that Blacks, like many other Americans fed up with high taxes, high crime, and poor essential services, are looking for better places to call home that will give them not only a bigger economic bang for their bucks but also safer surroundings in which to spend their hard-earned cash. Continue reading

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Why the Japanese Don’t Loot: A Dearth of Diversity

There’s a head scratching conundrum that seems to have the media so puzzled and perplexed. And that confusion centers on just why there’s been no wholesale or even random acts of looting in Japan after those devastating earthquakes rocked the island nation. Today, survivors are still struggling with a lack of food, clothing, and drinking water let alone all those other ‘necessities’ that we’ve come to expect from modern life. Yet no one is mugging their nearest neighbor nor sifting through what’s left of other peoples’ possessions. So how can such exemplary behavior under such adverse conditions be possible in this day and age of Gimme Gimme and Where’s Mine? Continue reading

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Pakistani Culture Wars: It’s a Big Brother Experience

Being a celebrity in Pakastan is no easy Islamic cake walk, especially if you’re a very attractive woman tip-toeing through the gaping millenial time warp that dominates this Muslim nation. Continue reading

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Maine Nixes Pro-Labor Mural

Governor Paul LePage of Maine has decided that the state’s Department of Labor is not projecting the kind of public relations image that will help boost job creation within the Pine Tree State. Struggling with a rising trend in unemployment, the Governor is attempting to position Maine as a great place for businesses to set up shop thus providing employment for all those out-of-work labor lads and lassies. Continue reading

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PA State University Faculty Still Don’t Get It

The academic faculty of Pennsylvania’s state universities have finally learned the hard economic lessons that those of us living outside that blue-nosed bubble of scholastic privilege have already come to terms with. Continue reading

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Governor Walker’s Emails: The 62% Solution

Well, well, well. Now that Governor Walker’s office has released the barrage of emails he received during the public employee jamboree held in the streets of the Mardi Gras capital of Wisconsin, it seems the ayes have it when it comes to busting taxpayer funded public unions. Continue reading

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Juan Williams: Defund NPR

Although nothing much in the way of federal defunding will be happening to NPR any time soon, despite the good intentions of the House Republicans, it’s still so nice to know that all things considered, the public broadcasting aristocracy is getting its proverbial clock cleaned. Continue reading

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Hanoi Jane Gets Shot Down

The New Hampshire Women’s Leadership Institute was forced to disinvite the infamous Jane Fonda who was scheduled to be the keynote speaker for their annual women’s summit in June. After a public uproar in New Hampshire over the appearance of this Hollywood hypocrite, the Executive Director of the Institute, Annabel Beerel, bowed to all the political pressure and retracted the invitation. Continue reading

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Chicken Little and the Nuclear Nitwits

As the Henny Pennys, Goosey Looseys, and Turkey Lurkeys throw up their hands in open-mouthed hysteria over the nuclear reactor damage at the Japanese power plants, the calmly informed voices of those who are actually in the nuclear know are ignorantly ignored. Continue reading

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Leadership at the Top: It’s a Slam Dunk!

They do say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And in the case of the countenance of our illustrious president, this old bromide may have captured the dead ringer image of his dominant demeanor. Continue reading

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State Employee Union Confronts Democratic Governor

Despite having a pro-union puppet sitting on the gubernatorial throne at the Maryland statehouse, public sector employees are once again grabbing their greedy pitchforks and heading for Annapolis. Continue reading

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Israeli Family Butchered by Palestinians

In the West Bank settlement of Itamar, five members of the Fogel family were stabbed to death on Friday while they slept in their beds. Udi Fogel, 36, his wife Ruth, 35, and their sons, Yoave, 11 years old and Elad, 4 years old, and their infant daughter, Hadas, 3 months old. The infant girl’s throat was slashed. Continue reading

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The Liberal Mindset: Mining the Depths of Progressive Thought

I saw one of these animated political spoofs spotlighting the convoluted liberal mind over at HillBuzz and it was a hoot.

Here are two mini lessons on the liberal thought process that probe two progressive sacred cows: feminism and affirmative action. A funny face-off between the voice of reason and the drone of ideology. Continue reading

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Colleges Cry Foul Over Budget Cuts

Many special interest groups within Pennsylvania are still reeling from Governor Tom Corbett’s proposed budget cuts that will dramatically impact many of these complacent institutions and organizations within the state. For far too long, these groups have been getting their greedy little palms greased each and every time they echoed their poor me pleas through the exulted halls of our Democrat controlled state house. Continue reading

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Gays Continue Vendetta Against Boy Scouts

Gay groups continue their vicious ground-them-into-the-dust vendetta against the Philadelphia chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. Despite goodwill negotiations between Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia and the Cradle of Liberty chapter of the Boy Scouts that has resulted in a mutual agreement ending the contentious battle over the Scouts’ use of city property, gay groups continue to push all the political ploys in order to punish this non-profit organization. Continue reading

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Wisconsin Senate Strips Collective Bargaining: All Hell Breaks Loose

Take a look at the Lefty reaction to the Wisconsin Senate passing the measure to strip collective bargaining rights from public employees. The Republican lawmakers had to flee the state capitol for their physical safety after casting their votes.
[ Continue reading

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Violence Against Women in Tahrir Square: Welcome to the New Egypt

So much for all the liberal hype about democracy in action and the brave new Egypt that was forming from the ashes of the fallen Mubarak regime. Tahrir Square, the scene of extensive media coverage during the anti-Mubarak demonstrations, was the venue for violence on Tuesday when about a 100 women dared to gather to proclaim that they too have an active role to play in Egypt’s New Jersulem. Continue reading

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NPR Execs Laugh at Climate Change Deniers (Video)

In James O’Keefe’s video sting operation targeting the Left-wing elite’s tax-funded media, the NPR Progressive Duo of Schiller and Lily compare climate change deniers to those who might still believe planet Earth is flat. Continue reading

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NPR Execs Caught on Video Trashing Christians, Conservatives, and the American Majority

James O’Keefe, the independent undercover entrepreneur who gained fame with his Acorn sting operation, has now caught National Public Radio (NPR) with their very progressive pants down. Continue reading

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Wisconsin Teachers’ Union Gives Up on Viagra

The Milwaukee teachers’ union finally admitted defeat and agreed to drop it’s lawsuit against the school board for its failure to fund the erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra. After lots of pressure from parent groups and tons of bad press from local and national media, the teachers’ union gave up on its campaign to get it up at the taxpayers expense. Continue reading

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Harvard Professors Cosy Up to Colonel Gaddafi

Ivy League academic life is so so stressful. Indoctrinating the best and the brightest, researching concocted conundrums, deconstructing Western Civilization, and all that struggling to fabricate nefarious ways to buck up the old paycheck. Continue reading

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Where The Boys Are: Certainly Not In College

It seems there are elevated levels of estrogen on our college campuses today, a hormonal imbalance that is impacting the scholastic rite of passage for those born of the male gender. Continue reading

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Porn 101: A Liberal Arts Education at Northwestern

The study of human sexuality took a bizarre voyeuristic twist on the campus of Northwestern University when a tenured professor there offered a live sex demonstration in his classroom as extra-curricular activity. Continue reading

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