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For Public Employees in Wisconsin, The Party May Be Over

If the newly elected Govenor of Wisconsin has anything to say about it, the state’s public employees will soon be stripped of their collective bargaining rights. After 50 plus years of protected and pampered status, the public sector workers in Wisconsin may now be facing a future filled with the same financial realities as their private sector brethren. Continue reading

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Campus Bias Against Conservatives: An Academic Speaks Out

Wonders never cease and miracles can truly happen! In the land of academic delusions there just might be a ray of intellectual light beginning to penetrate the dark psychology of political bias on college campuses. Continue reading

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Butt Enhancement: The End Never Justifies the Means

British women are so concerned about their under-sized derrieres that they’re flying across the pond to the city of Philadelphia to get their bony butts beefed up illegally with industrial strength silicone. Continue reading

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Texas School Board Mandates Arab Studies

The Mansfield, Texas school district is trying to extinguish the firestorm that has erupted after news of their decision to require its students to take Arabic language and culture classes hit the parental airwaves. Continue reading

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Taco Takeout and Illegal Immigrants

After being forced to fire hundreds of their employees in the state of Minnesota after these workers failed to pass the legally required employment eligibility verification check, Chipotle Mexican Grille is now facing additional immigration audits of their fast food chain in Virginia and Washington DC. Continue reading

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American Muslim Guilty of Beheading Wife

An American Muslim television executive was found guilty in Buffalo, New York on Monday of beheading his wife in 2009. Muzzammil Hassan stabbed his wife over 40 times and then beheaded her just days after she filed for a divorce. Continue reading

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PA Says No to Obamacare’s Individual Mandate

The Pennsylvania House Health Committee passed a bill on Monday to remove Pennsylvania citizens from the federally required individual mandate portion of Obamacare. Continue reading

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Egyptian Women: Back to the Middle Ages

If anyone is wondering just where Egypt is heading, here is a visual view of this society’s backpeddling, full tilt into the mud and mire of the Middle Ages. Take a look at the photographs of the graduating classes of Cairo University from 1959 to 2004. And pay special attention to the women graduates in these photos. Continue reading

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Most Popular Author on Campus: George W. Bush??

Is there a conservative undercover movement afoot on college campuses? Have the Left-wing academics and their teenage toadies all fallen asleep at the progressive propaganda wheel? Because something is decidedly different at our scholastically-challenged re-education camps when George W. Bush hits the top of the popularity charts at college campus bookstores. Continue reading

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Sarah Palin and GOProud: Gay and Conservative Do Go Together

Sarah Palin was questioned in an interviewed on CBN News concerning the recent controversy over CPAC 2011 and its inclusion of GOProud as one of its sponsors. Ms. Sarah came out (excuse the pun) on the side of inclusion. Continue reading

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Abortionist Gosnell Demands Public Defender

Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist charged with various crimes, including the murder of live-born babies, faced Common Pleas Court Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes on Friday in a feisty interchange over his right to a public defender. Continue reading

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Ronald Reagan: America is the Last Stand

In celebration of Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday, a short reminder of the world’s realities and what our country is up against. Continue reading

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UK Prime Minister: Multiculturalism Breeds Terrorists

The multicultural mystique is showing signs of tarnish and taint. Having been left out in the realm of reality for too long, the progressive multicultural mettle of a balkanized hands-around-the-world mentality, has proven to be just another rusted-out hulk of junk social science. Continue reading

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Boycotting the Boycotts

Today was my Boycott the Boycotts Day. And despite the rainy weather, I spent most of the afternoon shopping at some of those forbidden dens of anti-gay marriage iniquity. I had the delicious pleasure of dropping lots of cash and upping my credit card debt in a self-satisfying orgy of political incorrectness. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism 101: A Victor Davis Hanson Mini Course

Does our mind boggle at the front and center facade of the multicultural mystique? Do you feel browbeaten by all the self-righteous progressive doubles-speak masquerading as tolerance and fairness? Well, be confounded no more. Multiculturalism 101 is now part of our core curriculum. And at the head of the class is Victor Davis Hanson, military historian, political essayist, and former Classics professor. Continue reading

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Chick-fil-A and the Gay Bully Boys

Yet another company targeted for destruction by the Gay Bully Boys and their Support Gay Marriage or Else campaign. In their attempts to crush any individual, organization, or company that dares to express and support a different perspective on the gay marriage issue, the Gay Gotcha Goons are now attempting to organize a nation-wide boycott against Chick-fil-A, a fast food restaurant chain that is successfully pecking away at its competitors. Continue reading

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Pennsylvania to Clean Up its Abortion Act

After the grand jury exposé on Doctor Kermit Gosnell and his abortion horror house in the Philadelphia working class neighborhood of Powelton Village, the legislators of Pennsylvania are finally addressing the regulatory debacle that enabled this criminally immoral malfeasance. Continue reading

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The Pimping of Planned Parenthood

A Planned Parenthood facility in New Jersey is caught with its pimp-friendly pants down when a sting operation catches staff aiding and abetting in the prostitution of underage girls. Continue reading

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