Union Goons: A Video Re-Cap

Here’s a video potpourri of some of the pro-union demonstrations and  Tea Party counter-clashes that have taken place over the past week.  And if you ever wondered by we call those thugs on the Left union goons, well, just watch.

P/Od Patriot

  Breitbart TV

  Brietbart TV

  Gateway Pundit


  Michelle Malkin

Many thanks to the brave men and women who had the guts to confront the spoiled entitlement mindset of these privileged public sector employess.

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5 Responses to Union Goons: A Video Re-Cap

  1. Tusk says:

    The videos you posted pegged the true face of union thuggery. I’m a proud non-union carpenter from NJ and I see this crap all the time. When unions picket in NJ they display a huge inflatable rat and call anyone who is not in their unions scabs. It’s actually pretty funny to see these sheep picketing when I’m driving to work. Unions are full of racists, homophobes etc. I’m a so called “teabagger” and damn proud of it!

    • I think the union movement went the same way as the civil rights movement. Neither are recognizable today from what they once were. And being a non-union carpenter in NJ–that take’s guts!

  2. Well done! I had this same idea as well… there are so many videos out there. We need to start saving them and documenting this.

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