NYC Teachers’ Union vs Bloomberg

In the bitter battle over New York City’s budget woes, the United Federation of Teachers is striking back against Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed teacher layoffs by running a blitz of 30-second ads across the metropolitan airwaves.  And as we’ve come to expect, the leading characters in this mini-piece of propaganda are the doe-eyed children of NYC’s public education system and the evil twin specters of monied millionaires and their mayoral mascot.

Spot ads like this may have been effective once upon a time, but in today’s reality of bankrupt budgets and poor performing schools, such proletariat rhetoric is perceived as self-serving and downright specious.  And the taxpayers have had more than enough of it.

The union’s stranglehold on the NYC’s public schools is about to be loosened.  A new bill is under consideration in the New York Assembly that will give Mayor Bloomberg the power to layoff teachers based on a 9-criteria list that targets the worst teachers first.  Under current New York  state law, teachers can only be layed-off based on one criterion only: seniority.  The new bill, if passed, would allow the Big Apple to dig out all those union-protected worms that have eaten away at the city’s scholastic endeavors.

From the Wall Street Journal, here is a list of the layoff criteria that NYC is pushing for.  Note the number of NYC teachers who fall into these categories of incompetence and criminality.

Politicians in the Empire state are correctly reading the taxpayer tea leaves.  Finally.

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