Legal Race Hustling: For Once, the Good Guys Win

The Delaware Supreme Court overturned a decision by the Delaware Human Relations Commission that had found the Carmike 14 Movie Theater in Dover guilty of racism because their manager had ‘used a condescending tone’ when he asked a predominately black audience to be sure to turn off their cell phones before the main feature.

Initially, the movie theater was ordered by the commission to pay out $80,000 to the plaintiffs and their attorneys for violating the Delaware Equal Accommodation Law.  The 3-person commission panel determined that the manager had ‘insulted, humiliated, and demeaned’ black patrons by making the ‘condescending’ cell phone announcement and by hiring extra security during the showing of a minority-themed movie.  The use of extra security was deemed racist because the majority of patrons who showed up for the flick were black and therefore the manager had made a racist assumption about the anticipated behavior of the movie goers.

After reviewing the facts, the Delaware Supreme Court threw out all the charges against the movie theater and the poor manager, David Stewart.  The court pointed out that Stewart made the cell phone announcement before every main feature if the theater was packed to ensure that disturbances would be minimal.  The court noted that no racial references were made by the manager.  To the contrary, Stewart had shown concern and courtesy to his patrons.  The court also stated that the additional security had been added after the theater had experienced a robbery and its presence had no connection with the movie playing that fateful evening nor with the patrons who had showed up to watch it.

And an interesting little fact that the Supreme Court failed to mention…Sitting in the audience that evening, when the specter of white supremacy was  running amok, was the Director of the Delaware Human Relations Commission, Juana Fuentes-Bowles.  And it seems that Ms. Fuentes-Bowles was the orchestrator of the complaint against the theater.  Well, well, well.  It now all makes perfect sense.

Welcome to the Human Relations Kangaroo Court of government-enforced race relations where facts take a back sit to feelings, where wounded sensibilities of selected victim classes reign supreme when arbitrating the legal culpabilities of discriminatory behavior.

The Good Guys win one this time but not without paying a big price.  The theater owners are left holding the bag for thousands of dollars spent on attorney fees and for many lost hours of productivity dealing with the legal machinations of this court case.  And of course, poor Mr. Stewart has been publicly defamed as a racist.

So how about a little up-in-arms judicial justice for these authentic victims of racial discrimination?  Oops, forgot!  That would be a violation of yet another sacred precept of progressive newspeak.

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