Anti-Israel Group Booted from NYC Gay Community Center

The LGBT Community Center of NYC, under pressure from some of their financial supporters, has agreed to close its doors to the Israeli Apartheid Weekend (IAW) organization.  The community center had been offering its facilities to this group for meetings and get togethers.  The group had planned a Smash Israeli Apartheid party at the LGBT Center for March 4th.

Several major financial contributors to the center were outraged when word spread that this anti-Semitic group, under the guise of proffering Palestinian rights, was using the center’s facilities.  These contributors threatened to withdraw all future donations unless the IAW was banned.

The threats worked.  Glennda Testone, Executive Director for the community center announced that the IAW would no longer be using the center’s facilities.

We have determined that this event is not appropriate to be held at our LGBT Community Center, which is a safe haven for LGBT groups and individuals.  Therefore, the meeting at the Center has been cancelled and the host group will no longer meet at the Center.   The Advocate

It’s unfortunate that it took pressure from key financial donors before the community center was willing to back down.  This incident shows the extent to which the progressive agenda has permeated the gay and lesbian community.  But it also shows that some brothers and sisters are not afraid to break from the progressive party line.

Israel is the only country in the Middle East that provides a safe haven for lesbians and gays, so is it any wonder that many gays are questioning why an LGBT community center would be providing comfort and support to a pro-Islamic group like the IAW.

Hopefully, more lesbian women and gay men will wake up to the reality that progressivism is not the cozy fit they thought it would be.

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