Most Wanted: Wisconsin Docs Handing Out Fake Notes

Five of the Wisconsin physicians who had been handing out fake medical notes to striking teachers at the Madison state capitol have been identified.  And all five hail from the Family Practice Residency of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine.

Here are their names and their mug shots.  Note that Kathy Oriel is the Family Practice Residency Program Director.


Through the nitty-gritty investigative journalism of ordinary citizens, the identities of these five activist physicians have come to light.  These docs are all faculty members who teach and mentor Family Practice residents.  There is speculation that the other physicians who took part in the fraudulent doctor note escapade were residents from the program.

As faculty absences grew, districts warned that teachers who missed time without prior approval or a doctor’s note could face disciplinary action, including docked pay for the days they were out.

Sanner and several of his colleagues from the university offered to sign doctors’ notes that said, “To Whom It May Concern: This is to confirm I have seen and evaluated the above named patient. Please excuse from work/school due to a medical condition” followed by blanks for the dates and the physician’s name, signature and medical license number.  Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

These physicians were ‘stunned’ to discover that their ‘public service’ endeavor was not viewed as such by many of the Wisconsin taxpayers.  On returning to their offices, the Wisconsin 5 found email inboxes crammed full of angry and profane messages.  And they’re getting swamped by very irate phone calls and Facebook responses.

It should be interesting to see if any disciplinary action is taken against  these professionals.  Certainly, there are ethical violations here and possibly criminal intent to defraud.  The fact that the Program Director of the Family Practice Residency took part in this deception and encouraged her residents to join in, should cost her the job.

Feeling passionate about an issue and taking part in a demonstration is one thing.  But for these physicians to help teachers get paid by writing phony medical notes in the middle of a huge state-wide controversy that was getting a truck load of national attention….what the heck were they thinking?

But should we really be surprised at such behavior by physicians? After all, the progressive social justice theme is an integral part of medical schools’ curriculum.  Medicine is no longer primarily about the relationship between the physician and their patient.  It’s about the relationship between the physician and  the common good as determined by a socialist ideal.

Well, I think there are five frazzled docs in Wisconsin today who are dealing with the common good as defined by a very different ideal.  Decent folks don’t like cheats, especially those who try to claim a higher calling.

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2 Responses to Most Wanted: Wisconsin Docs Handing Out Fake Notes

  1. You’ve done your homework… A+

    LOL… Awesome catch! I can’t wait to see how this plays out. I sincerely hope that common sense wins out and these doctors are charged with fraud or whatever they can get to stick. The shame of public scutiny is not enough in this situation… there needs to be some sort of punitive result to deter this from becoming a pattern.

    • If they try to claim they had actually provided a medical consultation for these ‘patients’ then they could face HIPAA violations. If they admit they basically wrote fraudulent medical notes to help a political cause then they face ethical violations, at their employer level and also at the state medical board level. And considering they’re all faculty members who are supposed to serve as role models for their residents, I think some kind of discipline will be meted out.

      These folks live in such a little bubble and are out of touch with what’s really going on around them. They were stunned at all the anger directed against them—amazing!

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