War Hero Heckled by Ivy League Brats

When Anthony Maschek, a Columbia University freshman, took to the podium to express his support for allowing the return of ROTC to the Columbia campus, he was heckled with booes, hisses and laughter.  He was also called a racistAnthony Maschek is a former Army Staff Sergeant and holder of the Purple Heart.  He spent two years at Walter Reed Hospital recovering from wounds received in Iraq after surviving an insurgent attack in Kirkuk.

Other pro-ROTC participants who took part in this college town hall were also heckled and interrupted by anti-ROTC students who did what they could to drown out opposing viewpoints.

Having banned ROTC from their campus for decades, Columbia has used a variety of excuses to justify their discrimination against the US military.  Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was their latest convenient dodge, allowing the university to claim that the military’s policy on lesbian and gay service personnel violated their non-discrimination policies.  Well, unfortunately for the Columbia clique, that ruse is no longer viable.

The haughty university snot shops, where the next generation of progressive Chosen Ones get groomed for their rightful reign over us moronic masses, are now stripped of the last vestige of phony baloney BS in their ongoing disdain for America’s warrior class.  With the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, these academic bureaucrats have run out of political ploys in the push to ban ROTC programs from their campuses.   The Lesbian Conservative

The treatment of Anthony Maschek at the hands of his fellow students gives us a glimpse of the glaring disconnect between the cozy cocoon environment encasing Ivy League students and faculty and the gritty full engagement reality confronting men like Anthony Maschek.

The spoiled pre-adult Barbies and Kens who posture their child’s view of an infinitely complex and dangerous world with an arrogant pretense to intellectual maturity have come face to face with a real life GI Joe.   The little boys and girls of Columbia have met one of the men (and women) who help to make their silly Ivy League world of mental masturbation possible.

The outcome of this debate is anyone’s guess at this point.  Although Columbia is certainly a wellspring of Left-wing ideology, there have been stirrings of dissent brooding within its dormitories and faculty lounges.  The progressive orthodoxy may still hold sway but there are pockets of philosophical resistance popping up here and there.

Back in the Fall of 2010, faculty members who support the return of ROTC  to Columbia’s campus took out a full-page ad in the university’s newspaper to list their reasons justifying the return of an ROTC program.  Here’s the outline of their statement.

Faculty for a Reserve Officers Training Corps Program at Columbia

1. It is damaging to democratic ideals of equality that graduates of highly selective, private universities are so underrepresented in the nation’s officer corps.

2. That the officer corps is drawn disproportionately from non-urban settings and other regions of the nation creates an imbalance that benefits neither American society nor its military.

3. At Columbia, military service should be recognized as a form of public service as is service in civil society.

4. Our students’ prevailing experience is of great personal distance from military service, limiting preparation for citizenship.

5. Reciprocally, military leaders are often uncomprehending of the values for which Columbia and its peer institutions stand.  A civil-military gap caused by mutual incomprehension is undesirable.

6. Diversity in the student body including students preparing for military service would help alleviate this situation.

7. The university should not put obstacles in the way of students who wish to serve as commissioned officers and, in so doing, help finance their educations.

8. These propositions are independent of judgments as individual citizens of policies involving the armed forces, and about which the university is institutionally neutral.  The Lesbian Conservative

Do I hear a little thunder rolling down the hollow halls of academe?

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9 Responses to War Hero Heckled by Ivy League Brats

  1. Tusk says:


  2. Tusk says:

    I have to ask since we don’t know one another…why do you like the clip?

    • It’s hard hitting, doesn’t dress up the reality of a war zone and doesn’t try to make little gentlemen out of our combat troops. And it’s the anger that comes across loud and clear–it’s palpable. The clip really brings out the clash of realities between a spoiled younger generation that has not a clue what the world is really all about and those young men/women who know all too well.

      There needs to be more public venues for our military men/women.

  3. Tusk says:

    Sorry, I should have mention that. Thank you for your great blog! !

  4. Linda says:

    “silly Ivy League world of mental masturbation” LOL! You certainly have a gift for just the right words to describe things. Awesome article.

  5. Tusk says:

    This comment contains a clip from Pat Dollards documentary, Young Americans. It contains lots of profanity, rude and crude language, and scenes of violence. Everyone is forewarned. TLC

    Right on!

  6. TPHenley says:

    Good piece; you shred sister.

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