Defunding the Dems: What’s Really at Stake in Wisconsin

The Democratic Party’s increasing dependence on public employee unions is a serious disadvantage in the political battles of today and the years to come“.  So says Chris Stirewalt over at Fox News.

With such a huge chunk of its campaign contributions coming from public employee labor unions, the Democrat party is aggressively battling the Wisconsin taxpayer revolt.  But in doing so it’s earning the ire and contempt of the taxpaying public.  For better or worse, the Dems have hitched their wagon to the union label.  And as the polls are showing, that label is not wearing well with the American people.

Team Walker is trying to strip government workers of the power to push for better pay, better benefits and more lenient work rules. Instead, pay hikes for state workers beyond the usual cost of living bumps would have to go before voters. More dangerous for big labor and the Democrats it supports is the plan to have the state stop collecting dues for unions.

Walker is talking about defunding the Democratic Party in a key swing state and that’s cause for serious alarm for Obama.  
Fox News

The latest word from Wisconsin is that the legislation limiting collective bargaining for public employee is NOT negotiable.  Senate GOP leader, Scott Fitzgerald, stated today that his party wasn’t budging on the bill.

So far, the Governor and the republican legislature are hanging tight.  We shall see.

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