Public Employee Unions: America Says, NO!

Ah, the spectacle in Wisconsin.  All those public employees with their rants and raves and their huff and puff.  All those so inspiring union bozos with their blaring bullhorns.

But the piece de resistance of this government bureaucrat boondoggle was the mug of the Reverend Jesse Jackson serenading the white well-heeled crowds with chants of We shall overcome.  Oh my, the black civil rights movement has indeed taken some strange twists and turns on its way to becoming a safe haven for hucksterism.

These demonstrations by the bureaucratic ruling class have not gone unnoticed by the Lamestream media where the liberal talking heads have given it all lots of air time in their attempt to fiddle the feelings of their audience.  I guess they’re assuming that the average American can’t wait to link arms in solidarity with these spoiled pikers who live off of other folks’ hard-earned dollars.

Well, once again, the Lame Ones have totally misread the American voter.

The problem is that the more people learn about public sector unions, the less sympathy they get. This week’s publicity explosion is hurting the unions, not helping them. An online Milwaukee Journal Sentinel poll shows that 59 percent of Wisconsonites support Gov. Walker’s proposals, up from 57 percent just the day before.   Daily Caller

And a national poll released by the Clarus Research Group, a nonpartisan polling firm out of Washington DC,  has found that a substantial majority of Americans believe that public employees should NOT be allowed to unionize.  Yep, 64% of American voters stated that government employees should NOT be represented by unions.

The Clarus poll was conducted from February 4th to the 8th.  So do you think that after seeing the arrogant and greedy faces of state workers in the streets of Madison, Wisconsin this week that Americans are now more inclined to be sympathetic to the poor plight of public service employees?  Not hardly.

Oh, I hope these out-of-touch union drones in the Badger state keep up the chaos.  The more they stamp their feet, the more they disrupt the everyday lives of the taxpayers, the better.  Please, keep shipping in those professional activists from out-of-state, the more the merrier.  And how about adding Al Sharpton to the progressive mix?  Al could bring his special brand of victim slime to spread all over this union debacle.

Keep the cameras rolling and the microphones buzzing!  Go ahead and show us what will be in store for our communities when our elected officials dare to stand up to all you spoiled public parasites.  The union intimidation tactics may work here and there, but the seeds of resentment and distrust will be deeply sown into the American psyche.

So keep up the good work, Wisconsin public prats.  Us folks on the conservative side of the fence are lovin your antics.

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