Lighting Up Our Lives: The War of the Bulbs

Hark!  What light through yonder window breaks?  Well, if Republican Senator, Mike Enzi has his way, it won’t just be the rays of LED light bulbs shining through the welcoming windows of America’s homes.  With republicans feeling their ornery oats this congressional session, the incandescent light bulb just might continue to brighten up our lives.

Senator Enzi introduced The Better Use of Light Bulbs Act (BULB) on Thursday that would reverse the ban on incandescent light bulbs scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2012.  The BULB Act has 27 co-sponsors including Jim DeMint of South Carolina who had this to say about the governmental godfather approach to lighting up our lives:

Americans are fully capable of choosing the best way to light their own homes and what best fits the needs and budget of their families.  When Congress dictates which light bulbs folks in South Carolina must buy, it’s clear the ‘nanny state’ mentality has gotten out of control in Washington. Daily Caller

I, for one, will miss the regular lightbulbs, so I hope Enzi and crew will be successful in rolling back the incandescent ban.  The LEDs are ok—they do last for years and that’s especially useful for outdoor bulbs.  But their major drawback for me is the time it takes to power up.  When I walk into a dark room and switch on the light, it would be nice if I didn’t have to stand there waiting for the LED bulb to reach maximum output.  If this is the best that the greener-than-thou crowd can come up with for a 21st century innovation, they have a long way to go on the research road.

These mother earthers can’t hold a candle to that good ole American entrepreneur, Alva Edison.  But wait a minute….did I say, candle?  Gee, maybe that’s going to be the greenies next ‘innovation’.

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2 Responses to Lighting Up Our Lives: The War of the Bulbs

  1. Glen A. Amos says:

    In my book American Revolution 2010, the chapter Enemies Within addresses the EPA’s demand for CFL’s . Mark Steyn, filling in for Limbaugh on a December EIB broadcast, did an entire 10 minute segment on this issue. While he touched on the problems with disposing of mercury containing CFL’s, he missed the sweetest irony. Keeping in mind that one of the most strident supporters of this debacle of a mandate is the Eco-terrorist arm of the progressive movement, let me quote one paragraph from Enemies Within:

    “For those at the EPA who care only for Mother Earth, where do you think the Chinese are obtaining their mercury? They had shut many of their big mercury mining operations in recent years, not because of the stunted buffalo, ailing people or dead rivers, but because of falling global mercury prices. Now, thanks to the Eco terrorists, the mines are opening back up.”

    • The greenies think they have a compreshensive wholistic view of the way the world works, but they’re kidding themselves. They truly can’t see the interconnections or just don’t want to.

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