School Kids Get Pro-Union Propaganda Homework

What better way to get the next generation of taxpayers to fit neatly into teachers’ unions back pockets than to preach a little pro-union propaganda in the classroom.  And that’s exactly what a couple of teachers are doing in one union besieged suburban Philadelphia school district.

Since their union contract expired back in June of 2010, the teachers of the Pennsbury school district and their union, the Pennsbury Education Association, have been in a bitter dispute with the district’s school board over salaries and benefits and all those other typical teacher entitlements that the rest of the taxpaying population have to pay for.  And  apparently, some of these teachers are intent on bringing their union battles to the classroom.

The parents of the 5th grade students at the Penn Valley Elementary School were surprised the other day when their little Johnnies and Janies came home with a reading assignment that offered up the story of an underpaid and poorly treated teacher.  The reading assignment told the sad tale of an elementary school kid who was upset about how teachers were treated at his school and how he successfully came up with the solution to his teacher maltreatment problem.  Can you guess what that solution might have been?

We don’t pay teachers enough for the very important job they are doing… Do school boards honestly believe they will be able to lure one million of the best minds if they are offering meager salaries?  What is the solution? It’s simple: raise the salaries of teachers.  
My Fox Philly

The reading exercise also asked students to identify the initials of the National Education Association.  Kids were then urged to agree with the young hero of the story who felt that low salaries for educators were a problem and that teachers weren’t being treated like professionals.

So who are these 5th grade teachers at the Penn Valley Elementary School who assigned this exercise in propaganda to their students?  Their names are Karen DeSpirito and Maureen Laughead.

These two paragons of professionalism must feel very wronged indeed if they are sending their students home with pro-union talking points.  Wouldn’t it be nifty if we could find out just how badly the school district is financially mistreating these two scholastic shapers of little children’s minds.

Well we’re in luck!  The Pennsbury school district lists the salaries of all their employees on their website–their administrators, teachers, and support staff.  The school district also lists every dime they fork out for the health and welfare of their employees.

So let’s take a look at the money misery that poor Ms. DeSpirito and Ms. Laughead have been subjected to.

Karen DeSpirito Maureen Laughead
Salary $84,363.00 $98,222.00
Medical Coverage $16,469.18 $1,760.00
Prescription Drug $3,979.56 $1,358.24
Dental $678.60 $678.60
Life Insurance $152.88 $178.36
Accidental Death $16.38 $19.24
Social Security $5,230.51 $6,089.76
Medicare $1,223.26 $1,424.22
Retirement Account $4,758.07 $5,539.72
Vision $140.00 $140.00
Total Benefits $32,648.44 $17,188.14
Total Compensation $117,011.44 $115,410.14

Well, cry me a river!  It seems that these two school marms are doing quite nicely, thank you very much!  Nice cushy salaries and benefits all paid for with the property taxes of the homeowners living in the district who, quite frankly, have had enough of the tyrannical teacher temper tantrum tirades.

The school district is conducting an investigation into the pro-union homework caper.  Let’s hope a little disciplinary action will be extended to these two public employees who seem to think they can use the classroom as their personal bully pulpit.

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2 Responses to School Kids Get Pro-Union Propaganda Homework

  1. Linda says:

    Well said. Nice use of alliteration! I’m telling you, it’s time to end public sector unions.
    Are you on twitter? You can find me @ dingohead.

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