TSA Employees Stealing From Passengers, Again

Newark International Airport in New Jersey has proven to be the epicenter of a very lucrative hustle for TSA agents.  The latest theft operation there involves a TSA supervisor and one of his direct reports who have admitted to stealing thousands of dollars from passengers over a 13-month period during security screenings.

The supervisor, Michael Arato, admitted to stealing money from passengers’ handbags and carry-ons by subjecting them to secondary searches.  Through a double hustle that involved direct stealing on his part as well as extorting bribes from his colleague in crime, Arato was able to bring home a cool three grand a week.  The dirty duo targeted mostly non-English speaking foreigners who were easy to intimidate.

So what does Homeland Security have to say about all this?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has been trying to crackdown on theft by workers at Newark Liberty International Airport.  Any time it becomes aware of an employee who might be engaged in illegal activity, it works closely with other agencies to investigate.   Daily Mail

How proactive of them, how aggressive!  Everybody feel safe and secure now?

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