Swiss Vote To Keep Their Guns

The voters of Switzerland rejected a gun control referendum on Sunday that would have required the national registration of all privately held firearms, the limiting of gun ownership to a select few, and the confiscation of ex-military personnel’s assault rifles.

In a major blow to the Left-of-center coalition that campaigned to create a national gun control registration database and limit overall gun ownership to individuals meeting strict qualifying criteria, the people of Switzerland voiced a loud and clear NO to the un-arming of its civilian population.

For any referendum to be voted into law in Switzerland, it must be approved by a majority of the voting populace and be passed by a majority of  the legislative bodies of the Swiss cantons (member states).

The popular vote was 56.3% against the referendum, with 20 cantons out of 26 also voting No.

Switzerland’s biggest political party – the far-right Swiss People’s Party, said the rejection of the initiative is “the Swiss people’s affirmation of their proud shooting tradition.”

“A disarmed army is a weakened army. The Swiss people have recognised this. With today’s No on the weapons initiative, they have clearly rejected those army abolitionists,” it added in a statement.   Telegraph

A Weapons Monopoly for Criminals?  NEIN!  NEIN!  NEIN!

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