Jesus is Back at the PA House of Representatives!

When the Reverend Gerald Stoltzfoos of the Freedom Valley Worship Center was asked to give the opening prayer for the start of the Pennsylvania House of Representative’s 2009 session, he didn’t expect he’d have to provide an advance copy of his prayer to the then Speaker of the PA House, Democrat Keith McCall.  The good Reverend was even more perplexed when McCall’s staff told him he had used an offensive word in his proposed prayer and that the offensive terminology would need to be edited  out.  So just what was that offending word that this Christian minister had dared to use in his religious devotion?  Of course, it was THE DREADED J WORD!

Well, that was 2009 and the Dems are no longer running the PA show.  Reverend Stoltzfoos, after turning down the prayer invitation back in 2009 due to the censoring of his Christian god, has now accepted the Republican invitation to come on down to Harrisburg and pray the prayer of his faith.  JESUS IS BACK!

And to celebrate the return of sanity to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, I thought a little inspirational music from those drug-infested trend setters of the 1970s might be in order here.  After all, if the Doobie Brothers can get right with Jesus, why can’t the Dems?

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