Abstinence on Campus: Pitt Takes the Plunge

After initially banning a pro-abstinence group from the university’s sex education exposition, the University of Pittsburgh has reversed its decision and will now allow the group to take part in all future safe-sex expos.

Several members of the Pittsburgh Anscombe Society had attempted to take part in the university’s student-run sex education fair but were booted out by campus police when the student organizers of the expo complained about their presence.  Joseph Petrich, President of the society, protested the ban and after meeting with the Dean of Students and the Director of Student Health Services, was assured that his group would be allowed to take part in future fairs.

The annual safe-sex expo features discussions and seminars showing students how to choose the right sexual partners for a fun, no-bad-consequences good time.

Smart Sex: An interactive program that asks students to examine how they make sexual decisions. Topics include: what decisions we make; how we make them; choosing a partner; choosing to have safer sex; how to have safer sex. This program is ideal for the classroom setting; “Sex in the Lounge” would be more appropriate for an informal student group or residence hall setting. Safer sex kits are included as giveaways.

An interactive program?  Sex in the Lounge?  Are they giving live demonstrations here?  Hmmm, sounds like the annual safe-sex ‘expo’ is a safe bet to score.

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