Butt Enhancement: The End Never Justifies the Means

Am I Good Enough Now?

British women are so concerned about their under-sized derrieres that they’re flying across the pond to the city of Philadelphia to get their bony butts beefed up illegally with industrial strength silicone.

A British student who died after flying to America for illegal buttock-enhancing surgery may have been the victim of an organised gang of back-street surgeons, it emerged today.  Almost 12 hours after receiving ‘industrial silicone’ injections the student complained of chest pains and was rushed to hospital where she later died.  Police said she had checked into a budget Philadelphia hotel with three friends to have the procedure.   Daily Mail

Several UK women flew into Philadelphia International Airport this week for a quick backside makeover at the under-rated Hampton Inn situated close to the airport.  Yep, that’s right, these British birds pulled their pants down in a shabby hotel room in an even shabbier part of town to have their behinds injected with industrial silicone by someone whose identity and professional credentials are unknown at this point.

Oh boy, have we come a long way, baby.  Us broads now have the economic muscle to hop a plane to far away places and slap down a few thousand bucks to get our posteriors puffed up and rounded out just the way all those girlie magazines show us it should be.  Who cares if the procedure is illegal.  Why worry if there’s the risk of death.  Our right to a bigger butt and the boost to our silly psyches that our new chipmunk cheeks will provide must not be denied.

Women….talk about being the butt of a joke.

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