Taco Takeout and Illegal Immigrants

After being forced to fire hundreds of their employees in the state of Minnesota after these workers failed to pass the legally required employment eligibility verification check, Chipotle Mexican Grill is now facing additional immigration audits of their fast food chain in Virginia and Washington DC.

Chipotle claims to be stunned by the audit findings of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  ICE found that hundreds of Chipotle’s Minnesota employees had provided suspect documentation during the I-9 process.  I-9s are the forms that all newly hired employees must complete in order to legally work at any company in the US.  The I-9 form lists the documents that the employee has provided to the Human Resources department to prove his/her identity and right to work in the US.  A passport can be used to prove both identity and the right to work.  A driver’s license would need to be accompanied by a Social Security card or birth certificate in order to pass muster.

Chipotle’s Human Resource department seems to be in need of a shakeup.  Whether the I-9 mess was caused by sloppy procedures or by a look-the-other-way attitude, the HR head honcho has a lot of explaining to do.

“When you get a big name like Chipotle, it stands out and sends a message,” said Jacqueline Longnecker, president of Reno-based Employment Verification Resources Inc. “The onus is on employers now … It sends the message that nobody is going to be excused from this,” she said, adding that many companies — both large and small — do not recognize the potential liabilities they now face.   Associated Press

I noticed that no one seems to be concerned about where these suspicious documents came from and who provided them to these illegal workers.  I wonder just how many law-abiding Americans have had their identities stolen for the sake of taco takeout.

There has also been the shedding of lots of crocodile tears over the restaurant’s ability to find workers.  Oh, please! Has anyone checked the unemployment stats lately?  Or how about tapping into the senior pool of retirees who need part-time employment?  And let’s also not forget that supposedly 50% of young black men are without work.  How about developing a recruitment campaign that targets black youth?

Taking care of our own, such an old-fashioned notion.

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