Texas School Board Mandates Arab Studies

The Mansfield, Texas school district is trying to extinguish the firestorm that has erupted after news of their decision to require its students to take Arabic language and culture classes hit the parental airwaves.

It appears the Mansfield school board received a federal grant from the Department of Education to teach its students all about the Oh So Wonderful Arab experience.  Parents, of course, were not informed of the mandatory addition to their children’s daily dose of public indoctrination until rollout time.  Needless to say, there was a bit of a kerfuffle over this multicultural mandate.  So much so, that the school board has put its Arabic agenda on hold for further review.

I wonder just what these Arab cultural appreciation classes would  have consisted of.  I suspect there wouldn’t have been a mention of such inconvenient truths, like how Arab countries are basically patriarchies that dominate and demean women, like how Arab culture supports backward societies that keep their people in poverty and foment terrorism, like how Arab culture has always been very big on slavery and how many Arab nations, still to this day, allow the enslavement of other races within their borders. Somehow, I think these little annoying Arab tidbits would not have made their way into the multicultural love fest planned for the naive kiddies of Mansfield school district.

Since this school district is not exactly chock full of high achievers, you would think the school board would be more focused on teaching their students proficiency in the reading and writing of English and the development of basic math skills rather than diverting their  limited attention span onto the not so glorious contributions of Arab culture.

Heck, there is nothing wrong with adding all kinds of cultural and foreign language opportunities in our public school systems.  But how about giving parents and their children some choices here.  Why should any child be forced to learn Arabic or Chinese or, dare I say it, Spanish?

How about letting parents decide what second language they would like their kid to learn as opposed to the Big Daddy Knows Best approach that attempts to drive a political agenda down the throats of other people’s children.

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