Boycotting the Boycotts

My Way Or Else!

Today was my Boycott the Boycotts day.  And despite the rainy weather, I spent most of the afternoon shopping at some of those forbidden dens of anti-gay marriage iniquity.  I had the delicious pleasure of dropping lots of cash and upping my credit card debt in a self-satisfying orgy of political incorrectness.  Ah, how sweet it was!

First stop, Best Buy. This electronics retail giant became the target of homo flak back in the summer when the company made a political contribution to the election campaign of Tom Emmers, the Republican candidate for Governor in Minnesota.  Emmers did not support gay marriage, hence, the crosshairing of the company.  But the Best Buy boycott went nowhere and with Emmers defeat, the gay goon squad moved on to fresh prey.  My shopping expedition here earned me a semi-big screen TV and a few DVDs.  I hit the check-out register for about $1,000.

Second stop, Target. This provider of home furnishings and food got into deep gay dudgeon when they also made a contribution to poor Tom Emmers’ campaign.  And just like with Best Buy, the homo hassle never got off the ground.  Here, I eagerly bought bedding, towels, kitchenware, and a water filtration system, along with a bunch of odds and ends, spending approximately $400.  Wow!  The cost of sheets is outrageous, even at Target!

Third Stop, Chick-fil-A. This fast food chain is the latest company to be branded an anti-gay evil entity by the gay goon squad.  But based on the crowds standing in line at the franchise we visited, the boycott banter apparently hasn’t reached the American masses or perhaps most folks just don’t give a cluck.  So after a busy afternoon of anti-boycott buying, we were glad to join all the other congenial customers and sample the tasty treats offered by this very unique fast food company.  I ordered their Southwest Chargrilled Salad and a serving of their waffle fries.  This was my first dining experience at Chick-fil-A but it won’t be my last–the meal was delicious.  If you’re into chicken, this is definitely the place to go.  We dined our way through approximately $30 worth of good food.

So the grand total tab for my anti-boycott buying spree was in excess of $1,400.  I came away with quality products that I was able to purchase for very competitive prices.  And I had a good inexpensive meal to boot.

Yes, it was a very enjoyable Boycott the Boycotts day.  I look forward to many many more of them.

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