SOTU Viewership Takes a Plunge

Mister O’s TV ratings for his State of the Union Address took a dive on Tuesday evening when he advanced to the podium to pronounce his 2011 progressive manifesto for America. The ratings for the SOTU address are now in, and it looks like America is getting a bit bored with the Obama dog and pony show.  Perhaps Americans are more focused on all those mundane annoyances like jobs, housing, and paying the bills to be too impressed with the same old superannuated drivel.

The Great One’s viewership was down by 11% from 2010 and down 18% from 2009.  I guess the hope-and-change chicanery is pretty much a charade of the past.  Pundits are predicting that Obama’s future portends a cagey shift to the center to better position himself for the 2012 presidential contest.  Time will tell how well that ploy will work.

Of the three major cable news networks, Fox News won the ratings war for Tuesday night, garnering 5 million viewers.  CNN pulled in 3 million for the evening, and MSNBC dragged by in last place with 2.5 million.

The most amazing event of the State of the Union extravaganza was Michele Bachmann, Republican Representative from Minnesota, presenting the Tea Party response to the president’s platitudes live on CNN.  CNN’s decision to host a speech sponsored by the Tea Party Express raised haughty eyebrows at other networks and drew the expected rabid response from Lefty talking heads, including Rachel Maddow, the lesbian life model for aspiring Democrat dykes.

But CNN is struggling with viewer ratings that have been sinking fast and furiously over the past several years.  Their partnership with the Tea Party Express is a smart move on their part and it’s also a clever strategy for the Tea Party.  This maneuver is a good example of how the Tea Party can take advantage of the ebbs and flows of the cable wars. CNN is floundering in the Left-of-Center swamp of inconsequentiality and needs to attract an audience from somewhere.  They have apparently made a strategic decision to woo viewers from the right.

CNN and the Tea Party–perfect together?

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