A State of the Union Star is Born: Meet Representative Paul Ryan

The high water mark of last night’s State of the Union Address was reached, not by the man at the presidential helm supposedly leading our country through its economic and social challenges, but by a man who represents the grounded hope for a truly revitalized America.

Meet Representative Paul Ryan, Republican Congressman from Wisconsin, the standard-bearer for constitutional commonsense and reality-based governance.

Paul Ryan, who chairs the House budget committee, delivered a compelling rebuttal to the presidential platitudes and Mary Poppins’ pie-in-the-sky buffoonery proffered by Barack Obama.

The two men, standing as polar opposites on the ideological battleground for America’s future, presented a stark contrast to the viewing audience:  Obama, the product and protegé of the academic-governmental complex, the High Priest of Big Beltway religiosity, preaching salvation through unfailing faith in the federal bureaucracy.  Ryan, the son and citizen of mainstream America, the congressional servant of beleaguered taxpayers, seeking solvency through unflinching fealty to fiscal responsibility.

Which ideological model will America ultimately choose? The Church of Big Bureaucracy or the Taxpayers’ Reformation?

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