Jesse Jackson Looks to Exploit Appalachia

Reverend Jackson tried to woo his audience at the 2011 Pennsylvania Progressive Summit yesterday in Pittsburgh by calling on the ever-faithful to follow their hungering hearts to the hillbilly havens of Appalachia.  Yep, Appalachia, where the citizen population is 90% white and mostly low-income.  A land that, up until lately, was decidedly denigrated by the Left.  But yesterday, the soapbox rhetoric was decidedly different.

Progressives must really penetrate Appalachia.  The region’s rural poor have a huge moral authority.  No one can challenge their work ethic.  No one can challenge their military commitment.  No one can challenge their commitment to America.

Gee, the raconteur of race hustling finally admits that the white working class in this country is a CONTRIBUTOR to America’s greatness.  Jackson urged his audience, consisting of approximately 250 progressive activists and bloggers, to “win over” the coal miners, farmers, and other Appalachian folk as a strategic ploy in the tug of war for “the soul of America”.

After the progressives’ devastating 2010 electoral defeats, the Lefties are looking for more ways to divide and conquer and they’re now targeting poor whites in the same way they zeroed in on blacks in the inner cities.

But just in case anyone might be falling for this bit of political jiggery-pokery, take a look at the Rev’s smarmy sense of superiority when confronting Tea Party members back in March of 2010.

The Rev is looking to recruit the very people he has demonized for so many decades: the white working class—Progressivism’s political piñata.  It would now appear that all us bitter clingers, all us bible Bubba’s, and all us homespun honkies are now the next frontier in the Left’s battle for political and social dominance.

And why Appalachia?  Why the apocryphal interest in a population stereotyped for over 50 years by Leftist media as redneck and racist?  It could have something to do with  over 400 counties encompassing 12 states cutting a swath across the eastern United States from New York to Mississippi.  A nice geo-political containment area ripe for Lefty manipulation.

We are forewarned.

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