Andrew Breitbart Joining GOProud

GOProud, the organization that represents conservative gays and lesbians, announced today that Andrew Breitbart will be joining their Advisory Council. Andrew Breitbart, of course, is the alternative media mogul who publishes,,,, and

The announcement from Christopher Barron, Chairman of the Board of GOProud, comes on the heels of the controversy swirling around GOProud’s inclusion as a sponsor of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) which takes place in February.  The announcement today included the following statement from Andrew Breitbart:

I applaud GOProud’s strong, principled conservatism and admire their courage to defy the left’s stifling demand for group conformity.  As a fierce opponent of the cultural Marxism and political correctness that divides Americans into different identity groups, I embrace the American motto E Pluribus Unum as an antidote to the Democratic Party’s divide and conquer strategy.

Andrew Breitbart joins Tammy Bruce (Lesbian radio host and political commentator), Grover Norquist (President of Americans for Tax Reform), and Margaret Hoover (political and media strategist), who also serve on GOProud’s Advisory Board.

Very interesting timing here.  And certainly a political coup of sorts for GOProud, especially after the snubs they received from some conservative honchos who decided to boycott CPAC this year due to GOProud’s inclusion.

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