On Tucson, the Blame Game, and Conservative Timidity

The shootings in Tuscon brought out the usual poison from that progressive mob of foam-at-the mouth fomentors of two-faced morality and manufactured rage.  The frenzied finger-pointing, the nasty name-calling, and the sociological scapegoating has led to an almost orgasmic release of Left-wing ecstasy at the death of six people, including a child, and the serious wounding of a US Congresswoman and other unfortunate folks.

It is the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and conservative Talk Radio that are the targets of this latest low down Left-wing lie campaign.  Lies, deceptions, and the public manipulation of opinions and perceptions are key strategic weapons in the liberal arsenal.  The cheap moralizing from the progressive population, laying down their amoral judgments while schizophrenically slipstreaming through a double standard of ethical conduct, is their stock-and-trade.  The Left will rationalize and/or condone almost any violent act perpetrated in the name of one of their pet projects and they will play down and pooh-pooh any heinous act of terror or murder committed by individuals belonging to one of their special victim groups.

But heck, we all know this.  The Left’s noxious nonsense has been played out on us repeatedly.  And as the Prog Heads witness their imagined 2008 mandate to Marxify America slip-sliding away, the viciousness of their attacks only escalate.  So if we’re all well aware of the Left’s time-honored tactics, if we all know their diabolical drill, then why the hell are we perpetually on the defensive each and every bloody time the same old progressive play book is thrown at our heads?

Why are we seemingly unprepared when the Lamestream Media takes a concerted wholesale whack at the conservative community in general or attempts to take down one of our own in particular?  Why is conservative media more focused on what THEY are saying about US as opposed to what WE are saying about THEM?  Why do we live in repeated reaction to the liberal establishment?  Why do we allow Left-wing newsrooms to set America’s talking points while we relegate ourselves to the role of whining outsiders?

Fred Barnes, the Executive Editor of the Weekly Standard, addressed these very points back in early December.  At a dinner sponsored by the American Spectator, Barnes had this to say about  alternative conservative media:

What we need to do right now is dedicate ourselves to expanding our influence and not just sitting back and complaining about the mainstream media, but infiltrating them, overtaking them and changing the American media into something that is fair and balanced, once and for all.

Conservatives dominate talk radio; we do awfully well in magazines, with the American Spectator, Weekly Standard, National Review, and many others, and actually there is probably room for a lot more.  With Fox News we do pretty well on television.  Fox News really has a tremendous influence.

But the mainstream decides what the story is. Sometimes conservatives can break through and force a story on the mainstream media.  Glenn Beck has done it a couple of times especially in the last year or so.  But it’s hard to do.  The mainstream media decides…So what do we do?

Barnes suggests a two-prong approach to winning the War of the Words.  His first suggestion is for conservatives to take the struggle to the enemy’s home turf:  “We need more smart, young people in journalism to infiltrate—infiltrate!—the mainstream media.  It can be done.”  His second approach is more encompassing and really gets to the heart of the matter:  “There is a lot of money out there that can be used to start new magazines, to buy television networks, to buy newspapers, to start newspapers—so much can be done.  What we need to do right now is dedicate ourselves to expanding our influence.”

Conservative media needs to move beyond the ‘alternative’ mode but that will only happen when we develop long-range strategies to defang the Lamestream media.  In the short term, let’s get more aggressive with the Left.

For starters, let’s stop showing up every day on their playground ready and willing to play their games according to their rules.  And how about we ease up on the endless explaining, denying, and justifying every time some superior sounding progressive shakes their accusing finger at us—my gosh, we sound like a bunch of weeners and it makes us look weak.  And don’t forget the psychological advantage to be gained from co-opting outlier liberals and bringing them into the fold–remember the Juan Williams episode.  And how about all of us getting a little more savvy and grownup about what the battle to take back America is really all about–invest in a copy of Rules for Radical Conservatives by David Kahane.

As for this outrageous smear campaign surrounding the Giffords’ shooting, well, I don’t know about you, but I think the Progs will once again swallow their own teeth on this one.  Just like their racism attacks throughout 2009/2010, this current crop of accusatory rants will create its own blowback.  The goobers are feeling vulnerable and they’re making lots of mistakes.  Their dishonesty is transparent and can only serve to help us in the long run.

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