New Conservative Media On The Rise?

Over at, John Nolte voices an optimistic appraisal of New Media’s ability to counter the frontal attacks of the progressive old media mobsters.  In detailing the slander campaign unleashed by the Left over the Tucson killings, Nolte has high praise for the new conservative media outlets:

Thanks to the power of New Media and the patriotic willingness of everyday Americans to take the time to utilize it, “The Three Days of the Krugman” ended up being  another humiliating defeat for the left, a permanent black mark on their record every bit as black as RatherGate, only more sweeping.

But he also notes that us good guys on the Right are getting lots of help from the hapless Lefties themselves:

The media’s shameless political witch hunt we saw over the weekend was obviously counter-intuitive behavior to anyone at all interested in not looking like the worst kind of political opportunist. But frustration makes you stupid and the left is frustrated, especially those in the media, because they are losing. And other than embarrassing ratings and cratering circulation numbers, nothing points to their diminishing power more than Sarah Palin’s ascendancy as a bona fide political force in this country.

Well said.  With the rising tide of Left-wing frustration comes the flotsam and jetsam of their blundering missteps.  They can not fathom how the likes of Sarah Palin and a bunch of middle American Yahoos calling themselves the Tea Party could possibly survive round after round of their vitriolic volleys.  Their media power has diminished and one wonders if there might be a David and Goliath scenario in the offing.  Remember, IBM never viewed Microsoft and Apple as serious competitors.  And we all know how that kind of myopic arrogance served the ex-Behemoth of the IT world.

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