Teachers and Seniority: A Dumbing Down Experience

Yet another research study highlights the negative effects of relying exclusively on seniority in determining which teachers should get the axe during economic hard times.  The Center for Educational Data and Research at the University of Washington conducted this latest study which focused on the relationship between student outcomes and the use of seniority as the layoff selection criterion.  And surprise, surprise, it seems that students’ performance dropped significantly when seniority was used as the basis for teacher terminations as opposed to simply firing the poor performers regardless of seniority status.  Wow!  What a shocker!

Is it not amazing that the University of Washington, which probably spent tax payers’ money to put together this pretentious bit of PhD frippery, would waste its collegial time on such a commonsense classroom classic.  Just how many ways can an academic airhead twist and turn the obvious in order to justify their supposed existential right to partake of this taxpayer-sponsored, pseudo-scholastic supper?  Perhaps it’s time to do a little laying-off at the University of Washington.

Trick Question: How many research studies will it take before the teachers’ unions get a passing grade in conceptual comprehension of the real world?

Answer: Ad infinitum.  Universities can manufacture as many research studies as they can manage, but teachers’ unions will never acknowledge their academic authenticity.  Instead, the unions will fight to the bitter end to uphold those perfidious twin pillars of bureaucratic ineptitude known as Seniority and Tenure.

So let’s stop spending our hard-earned dollars on analyzing the obvious.  We know what lies at the heart of this non-conundrum and we don’t need any more mental masturbation to pinpoint what is clearly perceptible.  And let’s also stop pretending that figuring out a fair evaluation system for teachers is a daunting convoluted excursion into the bowels of the unfathomable.  Hogwash!   Any involved parent or any student over the age of ten can easily spot the goats among the sheep.

Time to dismantle the archaic self-serving union setup that straps our public school systems with mediocrity and incompetence.

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