Wave Bye-Bye to Oily Arlen Specter

2010 is coming to a close and all the political hacks who bit the dust back in November are scurrying off into a well-deserved ignominious obscurity.  Here in Pennsylvania, we are bidding a deleterious ado to that loathsome leach, Senator Arlen Specter.

This Artful Dodger of the Bulging Beltway began his political career in Philadelphia in 1965 when he ran for District Attorney.  His modus operandi for political success was established then when he switched his party affiliation after losing in the Democratic primary.  Neither values nor personal principles would deter this which-ever-way-the-wind-blows congressional chameleon from getting elected.

But poor Oily Arlen morphed one too many times for this ground-breaking election cycle.  The Pennsylvania voters, those on the Right, those on the Left, and those in the Middle, finally got fed up with this flatulent flunky from Philly.

So let’s wave bye-bye and shout Good Riddance! to Mister Arlen Specter, ex-Senator for Pennsylvania.

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