Ivy League Colleges and ROTC: Time To Pony Up

In addressing those illustrious academic institutions that come under the rubric of ‘Ivy League’, I can only paraphrase Richard Nixon in summing up their current cultural reality: You don’t have DADT to kick around anymore.

The haughty university snot shops, where the next generation of progressive Chosen Ones get groomed for their rightful reign over us moronic masses, are now stripped of the last vestige of phony baloney BS in their ongoing disdain for America’s warrior class.  With the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, these academic bureaucrats have run out of political ploys in the push to ban ROTC programs from their campuses.

The universities that currently ban ROTC include: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Stanford, Dartmouth, Tufts, and the University of Chicago.  Now that DADT is down for the count, a handful of these places are doing an about-face.  The President of Harvard, Drew Faust, has stated:

Because of today’s action by the Senate, gay and lesbian Americans will now also have the right to pursue this honorable calling, and we as a nation will have the benefit of their service.  I look forward to pursuing discussions with military officials and others to achieve Harvard’s full and formal recognition of ROTC.

It will be interesting to see if the other super superior seminaries of social justice follow suit.

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