Terrorism Comes to Tolerance Town

Paradise Lost

A Muslim immigrant from Somalia plots to bomb a public square in Portland, Oregon during a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony hoping to kill hundreds.  But coming to the rescue is the FBI which, thankfully, seems to know where to look for potential mass murderers, focusing due attention on the American Muslim enclave.  How positively politically incorrigible of them!

For the good citizens of the City of Roses, the shock of finding their suburban metropolis of progressive prerogatives on a terrorist’s hit list is boggling the collective broad-minded brain.  Could there be prickly thorns hidden among all the politically exotic blooms in Tolerance Town?  This nagging nugget of perplexity has the Portland progressives shaking their high-minded heads.  How could a city hip-deep in tear-jerky community correctness turn out to be a target for terror?!

Well, the answer to that query could simply be that some Muslim terrorists are just too dumb to know the difference between the good progressive Americans who live in enlightened locales like Portland and the rest of us know-nothing slobs living in mainstream America.

Or, if I was a rigorously religious blogger, I might proffer a very different parable to clarify this conundrum. Note that the Christmas tree-lighting ceremony was not billed as such by the progressive fathers and mothers of Tolerance Town.  The event was billed as a HOLIDAY celebration and the ceremony of lights was simply a TREE-LIGHTING extravaganza.  No mention of CHRISTMAS.  Not a peep about the holy day that is intricately intertwined with American culture and consciousness.

So could this near miss in the land of progressive paganism have been a telling sign from on high? Could the hand of a jealous god be shaking the humanistic hubris of a smug and self-satisfied people?  Of course not.  But if I was a Left-leaning New Ager living in the paradise that is Portland, I think I’d start wishing all and sundry a very Merry Christmas. Cause you just never know when those sinister serpents might transform that glorious Garden of Eden into the fire and brimstone of a living hell.

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