PFC Manning: Poster Boy for Gays in the Military

Be All You Can Be--Be a Traitor!

Meet the new poster boy for Gays in the Military: Accused Traitor, PFC Bradley Manning.  Although the media isn’t going out of its way to inform the American people of Prisoner Manning’s sexual orientation, the fact is that this twisted little twerp has turned out to be gay.

Manning was arrested back in June after leaked videos and classified documents made their way to WikiLeaks and hence into the public forum.  The newest release of State department communiques this week by the Aussie lizard, Julian Assange has caused a new political uproar.  Some angry voices are even calling for the execution of the traitor at the center of this military maelstrom.

As the Leftwing media currently tiptoes around Manning’s homosexuality, the New York Times did run a biographical sob sister piece on him back in August.  Sketching out his troubled home life and the lack of communal sensitivity toward his geekiness and sexual orientation, the Times tried to portray this little smart ass as just another victim of our oh so oppressive society.

However, the Times article had some interesting comments from the people who knew Manning, including fellow students who attended the same grade school and high school with him.

He refused to recite the parts of the Pledge of Allegiance that referred to God or do homework assignments that involved the Scriptures. And if a teacher challenged his views, former classmates said, he was quick to push back. He would get upset, slam books on the desk if people wouldn’t listen to him or understand his point of view.  He would get really mad, and the teacher would say, ‘O.K., Bradley, get out.”

Manning is now sitting in a prison cell at Quantico Marine Corps Brig in Virginia in solitary confinement and under a suicide watch.  As the Left attempts to make him into their anti-war, anti-America pin-up boy, I have a feeling that Prisoner Manning is not feeling very radical right now.  Nor very smart.

And an interesting note on Mr. Julian Assange…as the heat gets turned up on this slimy lizard, he may be looking for a new home away from home.  And here comes the government of Ecuador to the rescue.  You know Ecuador, a nice place to visit but who the hell would want to live there. Have a nice trip, Julian.

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2 Responses to PFC Manning: Poster Boy for Gays in the Military

  1. Lori Heine says:

    I notice that FOX news is also saying nothing about the fact that Manning is gay. So much for the alleged anti-gay hatred of FOX.

    I really do sense a different tone at FOX toward gays. Sure, some of their commentators still don’t like us, but the bias on that network seems nowhere near as tilted against us as it was even a short time ago.

    As a libertarian conservative lesbian, I am encouraged by at least that much.

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