Tea Party Targets Big Business

The Tea Party is now taking aim at Big Business and their Big Progressive play books.  And at the top of the list of hot Tea Party targets is General Electric and Johnson & Johnson.  The National Center for Public Policy Research is teaming up with FreedomWorks to take down the corporations who have aided and abetted the Obama administration.  The companies that supported such policies and legislative measures as Cap and Trade and ObamaCare will begin to feel the wrath of conservative America for their cozy canoodling with self-serving progressives.

The first step in punishing Big Lib Biz is to inform Americans of the corporate conniving that has been going on between the bastions of American enterprise and the liberal political establishment.  To that end, the National Center for Public Policy Research conducted a nationwide poll of conservative voters garnering their overall approval of well-known American corporations.  The poll measured approval ratings both before and after respondents were informed of the Big Government agendas of these companies.

Key findings from the poll are posted at the Center’s website and include:

* Only 28% of conservatives active in the Tea Party had an initial favorable opinion of GE, but this number dropped to 13% after these voters were informed of GE’s support of Obama’s policies.

* 60% of conservatives active in the Tea Party had a favorable opinion of Johnson & Johnson, but this number plunged to 8% after they were informed of Johnson & Johnson’s support of Obama’s policies.

* Eighty-one percent of conservative voters active in the Tea Party are less likely to buy products from companies that have actively lobbied in favor of Obama’s legislative agenda.

Tom Borelli, Director of the Center’s Free Enterprise Project stated:

“For too long, big business elites have leveraged their special interest group politics to profit from the size and growth of government. The poll demonstrates that the days of easy money through backroom deals are over. Tea Party activists are willing to tackle progressive CEOs just as they tackled progressive politicians.”

And the battle lines are drawn.

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1 Response to Tea Party Targets Big Business

  1. Glen A. Amos says:

    Good. About time. We must stop financing those who support the progressive’s destruction of our Republic.

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