Sharia for Kids: Hacking Off Hands 101

The Nation of Ninnies seems to be awash in weekend Sharia Schools that are teaching Muslim children the intricate ins and outs of basic barbarism.  An investigative report by the BBC has found that approximately 40 Muslim religious schools across the UK are teaching Sharia law to over 5,000 children.

And just what is being taught to the little tikes in what used to be Great Britain?   The schools, which come under the rubric of Saudi Students Clubs and are therefore considered legal under British law, offer a curriculum that outlines specific punishments for various crimes, misdemeanors, and sins.  For starters, kids are taught not only that those who steal should have their hands cut off but the little mites are also provided with helpful diagrams detailing the blow-by-blow butchery.  And for the sin of sodomy, the kiddies are taught that the only fair punishment is execution which is administered by stoning to death, or burning to death, or simply throwing the poor bugger off a nearby cliff.  Gee, this stuff sure beats the old boring bible classes of Christianity.

And at the heart of this Sharia curriculum is the insidious Jew baiting that seems to be part and parcel of what passes for today’s acceptable Muslim mindset.  Textbooks proffered to pupils taking part in the weekend religious schools ask kids to list all the ‘reprehensible’ qualities of Jews.  Israel, of course, is portrayed as a bastard nation that must be destroyed and its people slaughtered and/or scattered to the four winds.

So what does the Nanny State intend to do about all this?  Well, the British Education Secretary seems to think he only has a case of anti-Semitism and anti-gay rhetoric to worry about.  What seems to be lost on this British boob is the context within which all the bombast is formulated.  The fact that there are schools across the UK teaching Sharia Law to children is the heart of the issue.  It is Sharia Law that is the REAL problem.  The British government, however, has embraced Sharia Law for its Muslim population, allowing it to be used by Muslims for many of their ‘civil’ issues like divorce, property disputes, etc.  The 21st century upper class snobs who rule Britannia don’t seem to get the obvious: they have set up house with 7th century barbarians.

Cutting off hands and feet,  Burning people at the stake.  Stoning folks to death.  The Oxbridge asses who run the British government have created the Multicultural Trojan Horse that could very well bring down what’s left of the English empire.  But perhaps that’s what our progressive betters have always had in mind.

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