DADT May Be Dropped From Defense Bill

It was reported today that the Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman, Carl Levin (D-Michigan), may be considering dumping the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal proposal from the Defense Authorization bill.  If DADT is dropped from the bill, it means the repeal proposal would be voted on separately and the funding for our military services would not be held hostage by the repeal issue.  If the separation of the proposal does occur, it would be considered a major victory for opponents of repeal.

Waiting in the wings is the military working group ordered by Defense Secretary Gates to determine the impact of the proposed repeal of DADT.  Their report is due on December 1st.  Some Senators, including John McCain (R-Arizona), have refused to back the repeal unless the military supports the change.

So December 1st should be a defining moment for the issue of lesbians and gays openly serving in the military.

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