Affirmative Action Out in Arizona

Last week, the citizens of the state of Arizona took a great leap forward into the 21st century by passing Proposition 107, effectively outlawing affirmative action in the public employment arena.  Proposition 107, which was passed with a 60% majority, reads as follows: This state shall not grant preferential treatment to or discriminate against any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education or public contracting.

So it is now unlawful for any public funded institution in Arizona to hire employees or to award contracts based on race, sex, or ethnicity.  And it also means that publicly funded universities may not use affirmative action programs in their admission or hiring processes, which of course, has brought a chorus of complaint from the academic aristocrats lamenting the demise of their dodgy diversity scheme.

Right on cue, the university apologists for the underprivileged, those gallant gascons of college claptrap who concoct the perfect numerical mix of minorities on campus, are bleating out their usual blather.  Listen to this bit of old tripe barfed up by Doctor Raji Rhys, Special Advisor to the President on Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Arizona:

To remain a world-class public research institution we need the talent and inspiration that comes from a diverse faculty, staff, and student body.  The diversity of our academic community is key to quality, enriching our research, teaching, and community engagement.

What balderdash!  Statements such as this load of Lefty hogwash have never been proven.  How, pray tell, is quality and excellence enhanced by admitting applicants into the college enclave who fall far below the academic standards set by the university for the admittance of white male students?  And how does the hiring of a female or minority faculty member enhance the diversity of the core curriculum when these gender and minority memes parrot the same Lefty opinions and politics as the rest of the propaganda staff at Indoctrination U?

And listen to this soppy bit of soap suds puffed up by Robert Shelton, President of the University of Arizona, who had this to add concerning the passage of Proposition 107:

This proposition was just one example of a great challenge that was on display in almost every race in this year’s election where we saw campaign after campaign designed to divide people, rather than unite them; to play on their fears, rather than inspire their hope.

Ah, let’s all get out our hope-and-change hankies.  Dividing people by holding everyone to the same standards….hmmm….not quite sure how such a clarion concept like this crumbles the academy’s sense of fair play.  But heck, we’re dealing with those Lean Forward Fundamentalists who only know how to quote from their Little Red Book of New Age Nonsense.

Fortunately, there are alternative voices in Arizona, such as Jen Gratz, Director of Research at the American Civil Rights Institute who responded with this simple truth:  It’s policies that give preference to some based on race and discriminate against others that are dividing people.

Amen to that!  Time for the Diversity and Inclusion Cabal to find other outlets of employment.  In other words, Get a real job, you bums!

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