Lesbians and Gays Go GOP

A CNN exit poll from Tuesday’s mid-terms shows that 31% of those voters who had self-identified to pollsters as gay, lesbian, or bisexual had cast their ballots for Republican candidates.  Well, this provocative bit of news is causing some Democrat discomfiture during the election post-mortem play by play.  The Washington Post gave the CNN poll some caustic credence but added their usual disclaimer when offering any data that makes the Dems look dim.

Self-identified gays have been slowly sidling up to the GOP for a while now. In the 2008 presidential race, they made up four percent of the vote and gave 27 percent of their votes to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) against then-Sen. Barack Obama. In the 2006 midterm elections, when the House and Senate flipped to Democratic control, gays made up three percent of the electorate with the Republicans snagging 24 percent of their ballots. And in the 2004 presidential elections, President George W. Bush got 23 percent of the gay vote. They comprised four percent of those polled.

But from the perspective of GOProud, having one-third of the gay community coming out last Tuesday for Republican candidates shatters the smug Dem delusion that gays and lesbians are just two-dimensional dupes whose votes can be taken for granted.  Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director of GOProud had this to say:

The gay left would have you believe that gay conservatives don’t exist. Now we see that almost a third of self-identified gay voters cast ballots for Republican candidates for Congress in this year’s mid-term.  This should be a wake-up call for the out-of-touch so-called leadership of Gay, Inc. in Washington, D.C., which has become little more than a subsidiary of the Democrat Party.

Gay people are just like other average Americans. We see the challenges our country faces and many of us are outraged at the failed big government approach of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.  GOProud will continue to provide a home and a voice to those gay conservatives.

Now this is change you can believe in.

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